It’s disgusting how can I make it better

Is there anything you’d recommend to try help it taste better im not a foody I’m repulsed by most foods I’ve just tried my first one and it was just oaty and absolutely disgusting I couldn’t drink it all! I’ve seen people adding coffee but I can’t stand that either! I actually bought it as it will help my diet but I can’t see me drinking another one help please folks!

I didn’t expect it to taste nice but was hoping it would be a little more bare able lol!

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What flavor(s) did you get?

Chocolate and berry all I can taste is a oaty horrid taste i couldn’t finish it poured about 200ml away! It’s the taste and texture just don’t think it’s for me I haven’t tried the berry one but I’m not sure what to do weather to return the berry one for a re fund and give the chocolate one to a friend or just try grin and bear it

I’m going to be very honest with you here.
Huel isn’t for everyone, some like the oat-y earthy taste, and some have to drown it out with coffee, chocolate, flavor boosters, etc., I know I didn’t like it at first either, and the flaxseed hurt the back of my throat so badly that I couldn’t even swallow solid food for a week without being in actual pain. I LOVE chocolate, so that and vanilla were my first orders. I was sorely disappointed by the chocolate - I only ever drank it once without coffee and it tasted so awful that I almost regretted the whole purchase, thrown in with the fact it made my throat hurt… Yeah, I wasn’t keen on it. Took a bit of experimenting to make it taste like I wanted, of course I tried coffee and you don’t like coffee - but it’s just a matter of finding what it is that you like and adding it to make it more customizable for your tastes. Personally, I loved it with the chai booster, and powdered peanut butter, mint flavoring, and peppermint flavoring all distracted from the oat flavor and if you’re really wanting to emphasize the chocolate - add in some unsweetened cocoa powder! Slowly, you get used to the taste and you don’t even notice it’s there anymore. I don’t need flavoring boosters anymore because the powder, as is, tastes palatable to me now and the oat flavor isn’t as noticeable. For berry… I honestly thought I wouldn’t like it at all because of all the negative comments about it on here, but it’s turned out to be my favorite - even without any flavor boosters or anything.
In the end, you can’t make it taste like a milkshake or a malt shake, but it’s nutritious, portable, quick, and pretty decently priced. Doesn’t taste the best, but you find me a nutritious milkshake for under 400 calories a serving and made in under a minute :joy:

Then send me a link, that sounds like a product that needs my money

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I just don’t think it’s for me really I was going to try it again last night but just couldn’t bring myself to do so started feeling sick at the prospect! I think I may just restrict calories and do it that way! It wasn’t just the taste was also the texture I’m funny with food at the best of times and it just wasn’t for me! Looked up I can send the berry back back and give the chocolate one to a friend so I think that’s probably my plan of action just disappointed but I have it a try may have another go at it with milk before I give in totally. Thanks for the reply

Just the whole adding more to it and actually adding more calories is beyond the point of the product for me can’t see me having another any time soon. But we’ll see

I’m sorry to hear this. Have you tried blending your Huel and/or leaving it in the fridge for a couple of hours?

One of the main ingredients is oats because of it’s low GI and the fact it’s high in micronutrients compared to other carb sources.

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if you haven’t already check out the RECIPES section here in the forums…lots of amazing tricks to jazz up your shakes.

hell, check out the recipes that i’ve posted…bet you can’t just make one!!

I haven’t tried blending it just don’t want to start sticking more calories into it as that defeats the object of it I’m going to try the taste boosters there sending me a few out but if it doesn’t completely cover the taste of oats I’ll not be able to manage with the taste

I’ll have to give them a whirl fella it’s just pushing myself to try it again just if they don’t completely cover the taste of oats I’ll not be able to cope with it disappointed I couldn’t bear it though

Blending isn’t just to add more calories but to get it smoother.

I buy the RTD Berry Huel. No fuss, no mess, no thinking. It is smooth and perfectly blended. Chilled or on ice is better than room temp for flavor. I carry 1 - 2 bottles with me daily for when I miss meals.

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Well I’ve tried the flavour boosters I put 4 massive spoonfuls in blended it to within a inch off its life and still all I could taste was the oaty foul taste I’m gipping while trying to drink it! Gather it’s just not for me! I’ve tried but I’m just going to send the berry bag back to huel and give the other bag to a friend

I am genuinely disappointed though I really wanted to like it and be able to use and replace most meals with but I just cannot get it down. The taste is so bad I’m gipping while drinking it. I’m so bad with food I really had pinned my hopes up on this to be able to eat a lot healthier

Wudgey, I was going to say you should give it more of a chance. It is an unusual product and may take some getting used to. And you should never drink it fast. Take your time, at least an hour to finish a shake. But you sound like a picky eater, to say the least, so this might not work for you, especially if you are disgusted by the flavor or oats.

There are other, similar products out there, like Soylent for example, but you might not like those either. Remember that huel stands for “human fuel” - it is not really meant to be a pleasurable dining experience. It is a way to eat good, nutritious, sustainable, vegan food that is efficient to prepare and reasonably priced.


try any of the recipes found on the forums to get that choke down…

you may find that experimenting with your shakes is the best way to find a solution to getting the nutrients that you need.