Chemical aftertaste in Protein Powder

I just purchased two tubs of Huel Protein Powder and there’s a very noticeable chemical aftertaste that’s icky. I can smell this same odor in the powder. Is this normal?


Jason M.

Edit: the taste is like a cleaning product, not like an artificial sweetener

Hey @gjarboni,
Do you think you could walk me through how you are making your Complete protein and how quickly or slowly you are consuming it?

Sure, I’m making it into a shake. 2 to 3 scoops in a Huel shaker with cold water.

The chemical smell is present in the powder, though. Is it supposed to be there?


I’ve never used protein powder so i have no idea what it is like…

I do know that zinc lozenges taste very metallic when you are especially deficient in zinc, but mildly metallic when not deficient

I wonder if you are extra sensitive to something in the powder that others do not notice.

Not implying that a chemical aftertaste is ever a good thing or that there is any blame or fault … but that people have a wide range of preferences. For example: cilantro supertasters reporting it as “like soap” (or my wife saying it tastes like the smell of stinkbugs)

idk, just sharing my $0.02 worth of thoughts

I can understand what you mean. My experience is not only an aftertaste though, it’s also kind of a general sensation. Like do you know when you eat garlic and you kind of have a garlicy sensation in your breath? I get something a similar sensation with a chemical feeling after a protein shake. :tipping_hand_man:

I’ve been only mixing 1 scoop with around 300ml water.