Paypal for subscriptions

I get “Card Declined” message when I try to use paypal for my new subscription. I searched the forum, and it may be the case that paypal is not “really” an option for subscriptions. But that post was a while ago.

Is that still true? Must I use my CC directly when starting a new subscription?


Hey there. You should be able to use Paypal – but not Paypal “credit”.

Thank you.

Not using paypal credit, just using paypal. It has me sign in to paypal, all looks good, but when I click “Place my order” the wheel spins, the radio button moves to “credit card,” the credit card number is filled out with 1234123412341234 and there is a red message that says “Card Decline Error”

Trying to attach a picture here.

Thank you very much. I like the product.

So strange. I’ll show this to my team. Thank you for the info.

Just FYI, I went ahead and ordered with my regular CC. I appreciate your help, and would still like to know if I can change it to Paypal at some point.

Have a great day!