Password reset/Cookie

I have reset my password to the huel website more than I’ve ever reset anything, on or offline, in my entire life. Why do you not have a “remember me” function?!

I just cleaned my email but I kid you not I probably had 50+ huel pw reset emails. I have created ridiculously wacky variants of my password for huel, at this point my password is extreme profanity with huel somewhere in it, my hatred knows no limitations for this issue. Unfortunately I can’t live without your product so help before I inevitably reset password the next time I log in. Please.

Wow, that’s crazy. I can say for me personally I have not had to reset my password for Huel one time in the 4+ years I’ve been ordering. Hopefully they can get that figured out for you.

Hey @chasebassist - welcome to the forum, first of all! :hugs:

So sorry to hear that you’re having this ongoing issue when accessing your account. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to email the summary of this email to our support team at, so our team can look into this for you, and escalate with our engineering department if necessary.