Organic means no MONSANTO


You convinced me, I will never buy this, and your disrespect has bought at least two of my friends who buy your garbage to stop.
There is good publicity, huh?

I don’t drink this stuff, I eat WHOLE FOODS to stay healthy, just like my ancestors did.

I was doing this for friends who feed you profiteering creeps lots of money (this crap ain’t cheep).

And! Now neither of them will buy your product anymore.

Mission accomplished.

I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of “any publicity is good publicity.”

Annnnnnd I hope you realize that your body won’t absurd nutrients from supplements as it would from whole foods.

Have a fun time drinking sludge shakes!


Your company sucks.
I figured it out, real fast.

Thanks and goodnight, I hope the profits last for enough years to send all your children to college.

P.s. I already knew the answer to your question when I read on your site how your company won’t even think about going organic.

Profit margins and all.

I’m leaving this forum.

I only came to convince my good friends that your product was bogus, and maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but the way you guys responded convinced them that they are finished with HUEL.



Is any of those so-called friends outside your head?


Hi there

Thanks for your concern. Huel is not organic because we don’t believe organic is worth it. Some ingredients we source are actually organic, but some of the micronutrients we include can’t be organic. It’s imperative that Huel is optimum nutrition and this is not possible using organic ingredients.

All pesticides that are used on crops grown for Huel ingredients are in line with FDA regulations.

I hope this clears up any concerns that you may have.

Some organic foods are great, but a lot of the time it’s just marketing rhetoric. Personally, I don’t buy into this.

This is a quote cool explanation

As for the environment, we feel we do a lot: for a start, we offer a sustainable food option.


I think there is a missunderstanding due to the communication being inefficient.

Niles, what are your expectations of Huel?

  • Seems that you approve food/nutritional products that care about the origin of their ingredients.
    -Particularly, you believe that pesticides used in crops can be harmful to humans. I guess you tend to look for organic certificates
    -Therefore, you expect companies that you consume would care about this.
  • The link seems to be no pesticides, fungicides… = healthy product; therefore if this is not the case you cannot claim yourself to be healthy.
    -Besides, you believe that some of the profit should go to relieve environmental causes.

What Huel’s expectations of their products are:

  • Quality ingredients.
  • Affordable to the general public.
  • Able to provide complete nutrition (I guess you could put healthy here) by providing the nutrients the humans need. However, take into account that Huel already “cheats” the guidelines, since it provides with a different macronutrient profile from the recommended.
  • Minimal waste.

As you can observe, Huel does not directly belive in organic products as you do. Furthermore, some of the staff members have made points stating that organic Huel would not only be more expensive, but perhaps “not as healthy”.

This is obviously a point of debate; since you and Huel do not seem to see “healthy” the same way. Organic vs non-organic is a long debate that cannot be solved in minutes. You have your ideas about it, Huel has others.

It also seems point #1 of Huel not meeting your expectations. This is OK, you can just have no deal. Huel does not need to be for you.

Therefore, you expect that Huel should not use “Healthy to the human constitution” expression. Again, that is because you have certain thoughts/expectations on what that means. However, for Huel this means that the product they provide is able to meet certain nutritional criteria and improves on your diet.

This is point #2 where your expectations clash.

Besides the healthy and nutrition you also seem to be looking for companies that “give back”. That take part of the profit and contribute to environmental causes. From a business standpoint this is not a must. A business, by nature, is an organization looking for profit. What they do with that profit is “their business”.

Furthermore, you cannot know how much profit Huel is taking. You are talking about millions, but it can be millions in revenue and not profit. This revenue can be invested (and has been invested) to develop new products; in research (new bag with less environmental impact); look for alternative ingredients with better sourcing…

Thus I think that the millions of profit 1 are not there; and 2 they do not need to be invested as you expect. Plus, I think that part of it does go to reduce their environmental impact (new bags, new ingredients…)

Expectation #3 that does not meet. Perhaps it is time to go for the no-deal option. Remember, you do not need to buy Huel. Actually, there are other brands that will align better with your believes (Ample, Ka’chava, Ambronite, Bertrand in EU).

Now does this mean that Huel’s product is trash? No, it means that it is not for you and that is OK. Just like a women’s bra is not for me.

Some positives about Huel that you might want to consider though:

  • Reduction in waste when comparing to food in supermarkets (a lot more efficient).
  • Provides a nutritional (see I did not use healthy) alternative to those who lack time to cook.
  • Provides a good alternative to fast food or other food on the go.
  • Gives an affordable nutrition (most organic brands are expensive, prime ingredients are expensive).
  • There is a minimal care about environment, since they take into account when taking action. RTD using recyclable bottles and promising to do it even more (even if the RTD itself is not that friendly). Continously looking to improve their non-recyclable bags.
  • And who knows, at some point they might put that “profit” into some charitable cause.

So going back to your questions:

  • Where does the “profit” go? Salaries, R&D, keeping prices affordable, expanding the business…
  • How can you separate them from Monsanto? Truly they are two different animals; but I guess you are referring on how Monsanto is known for not caring about environment. I hope I have answered above that, Huel does care about the environment, even if it is not their #1 priority.
  • How are you the good guys? Well, there should be no expectation for Huel to be the good guys, they are just a business (beyond going to the good and evil discussion). But, we see that they take certain decisions based on environmental facts, we “want to believe” they provide the best product they can (they consume it themselves), that they keep the prices low, that whenever possible they look for sustainalbe sources… All this might not be true, but for many are enough for them to be the good guys. However, this might not be enough for you and this is OK.

I hope I have answered your questions.

EXTRA: You seem to be annoyed about the treatment and you have made sure to show it. The treatment you have received has been according to the behaviour you have shown.
If you walk to the White House in street wear with banners with strong inclination (e.g. Monsanto are Evil, You are poisoning us…) you won’t be welcomed in. If you go in wearing a suit, a friendly attitude and a document with your expectations and thoughts; you might encounter a more fruitful discussion.
This is, next time beyond pointing your opinion and imposing it, try to lay out your expectations/queries in a more clear way and ask why this are not met or what Huel’s position is on them.


James Collier and latestfuels:

Wow. Kudos. What a lesson (to myself).


This quote just made my day. This thread was totally worth it.


I was genuinely interested in what the answer would be and all the replies seem to be this daron character, whos an absolute bell end,
Sorry your query was ignored :frowning:


I think James did answer or try to answer the question.


Wow. What the hell was all that?


That’s the unfortunate result of someone going too long without a good, convenient, complete food.

It was like watching an episode of Bride-zillas.


yeah the guy’s attitude was bad
yeah, he didn’t get his way

But I think we’re all missing the point. Did you see the way deron answered? xD, this guy is a hero and needs a statue hahahaha I want this guy to be my friend xD

If anyone is a parent here, you know sometimes is healthy and good to LET YOUR KID CRY IT OUT and not rush to give him attention. So if an adult sometimes acts like a child, is good you treat him as a child, good job Deron.


I actually appreciate the two serious answers despite the immaturity of the two unnamed participants in the thread. It’s actually pretty impressive and reassuring all the studies and educational material Huel puts out there.


Dude was a troll. He was treated as such. Had he asked in a more respectful manner, he would have been treated differently.


Exactly. I’ve engaged in many civil discussions with posters who actually wanted to discuss something.

This dude was not even remotely interested in an answer to his question. He never intended on buying Huel or using it at any time. He wanted to flame. And I wasn’t giving him the satisfaction of a real answer. The same dude made another post within the same hour of his first post here, demanding to see the schematics of the Huel facility and know where all the ingredients came from. I was tempted to make a little cartoon diagram and post it, but then I realized it wasn’t worth the time to do that.

I suspect that the same dude has made alt accounts on the Huel discussion board and came in with these above posts saying “I was really hoping for a real answer” and “no thanks to the unnamed participants”. Both of these were brand new accounts that immediate came to this thread to “support” the OP. The OP can’t actually come back on his original account with a reply since he told us he was peace out. So make these other alt accounts and reply here.