Order not received, no answer from support

I placed my order 9 days ago but am yet to receive it. The first order I placed arrived within just a few days, so this surprised me.

I noticed I accidentally added an extra “n” in the city name of the delivery address. Could this be the cause? I feel it’s very unlikely, as it’s the capital of my country. It’s an unmistakable name.

I received no answer from info@huel.com. What is the general response time? I considered setting up a subscription, but if the orders are going to be delayed, I would be nervous blowing my food budget as I will need to buy other food while waiting for the Huel :grimacing:

I would like to add I am very happy with the product! It’s simply great, which added to the disappointment of not receiving it minutes after my order :rofl:

support@huel.com is who you should email.

Hi there! I really apologize for the complications with your order. I see you’re in communication with our team over email now so we’ll get everything sorted out for you right away there! :+1:t3: Have a wonderful weekend!