One Year on Huel

So I’ve officially been eating Huel for a year. Most days 2 times, sometimes 3. The first 6 months no flavor packs. Over the past year my dangerously high blood pressure has gone down 40 points and I’ve lost 25 pounds. I’ve always liked the taste (as long as it’s cold) but really like the flavor packs.
I wanted to write something because I know a lot of people write when they first start, and there is less out there by people who have been on Huel for a longer period.
As a very busy father, and former fast food junkie, I’ve been really happy with Huel. It has allowed me to get and stay healthier. Whether I’m traveling or rushing out the door, it really helps. Cheaper than eating out too!


We are so stoked to hear you’re loving Huel and we’re able to make your days easier and more nutritious. :muscle: Thanks for being a loyal, Hueler! These kind of stories never get old. :two_hearts:

Happy one year anniversary, William! Perhaps, this occasion calls for a Huel cake.


Awesome! I currently use it once a day. I would some day like to try using it more often. Glad to hear it’s still great after one year.


The Cake is a lie! Lol video game reference few will get. Thanks for going the long haul William gives me hope! That I can be a One year hueler


I got it bro!
Never been as disappointed as in the end of Portal 1.

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