One Scoop or Two?

Hello all:

New to Huel (less than a week). So far, I’ve been following the recipe using two scoops and blending with fruit or using flavor packets. It’s been breakfast only so far, but I went with Huel for breakfast and lunch today. So far, so good.

Anyway, I’m considering using only one scoop in the morning for a lower calorie breakfast, but I’m wondering if it’ll impact my hunger or energy levels. I understand that I won’t know until I try it, and everyone’s mileage may vary, but I’m wondering if anyone here has any thoughts, experiences, etc.

Thanks, and cheers!

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I actually do have all my Huel one scoop at a time. I do get hungry again pretty soon, usually after about just an hour or so. I just have another one at that point though so its not a big deal. As far as energy levels, that’s not an issue because, like I said, I don’t stay hungry. I have about 7 of these one-scoop, 15 ounce water shakes during the work day then have a traditional meal at home for dinner.


Welcome to Hue Anthony!

As you’re only consuming 200kcal for a meal you probably will be hungry, but like you said you won’t know till you try.

The good thing about Huel is it’s high in protein, slow-release carbs and fibre so is more filling than a lot of other foods.

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@Raindawg - Are you using Huel to eat better, convenience, weight gain or loss? Curious.

I personally am using Huel for convenience, eating better nutritionally, & saving money. My weight loss is just a plus. I do 17:7 Intermittent Fasting daily. My eating window starts at 12:30 PM until 7:30 PM. At work, I love the convenience of having Huel available for my meals. I have a 450 calorie Huel at 12:30, and another one at 4:00 PM. Then I have a regular dinner at home.

I would not recommend doing only 1 scoop. You will get hungry. You might last 2 hours max. That’s why I do the 400+ calories at a time. I am good for hours.


@MNSk8r Thanks for the reply.

I’m a lot like you (minus the IF). Got into Huel for convenience and eating better, particularly breakfast. Wanted something that was grab-and-go and was healthy; i.e., not a donut.

Yeah, I learned the hard way yesterday that I shouldn’t do one scoop for breakfast. Found myself hungry and lagging by mid-morning. I had a Huel for lunch and regular dinner, and was completely wiped out that evening, nodding off by 7:30-8:00.

Interestingly, I’m still finding myself hungry during the day, but without the tired/shaky feeling from not eating at all. I imagine my “hunger” is just my body craving the act of eating food.

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@gsenteno Good approach. I might try something like this.

It’s a lot of water intake so be prepared to pee a lot. Lol

I do one scoop for breakfast at work plus a cup of coffee, though it’s more that I make the normal 2 and drink half. I’m a slow drinker though, so it’s not long before lunch by the time I’m done. I’m pretty small though, and maintaining weight means I can only have about 1200-1300 calories a day unless I do a lot of exercise. I go way over if breakfast isn’t small.