New to Huel and looking for advice

I ordered Huel last Thursday, received it Saturday, and have been eating them twice a day since. Got the starter and chose 1 bag of chocolate and 1 bag of vanilla. I was very surprised I love the vanilla as I typically prefer chocolate.

The reason for this post is to build some knowledge. According to the booklet inside for me to lose some weight I’d wanna stick around 1 scoop each time I use Huel.

Some stats, I am 5’3”, 129lbs and would like to go back down to around 118lbs. I felt the best when I was around that size after being 155lbs after having my two children.

So using one scoop of Huel (lately vanilla) and about 17oz of vanilla silk almond milk around twice a day, I’m not feeling full really. Just kinda okay, and sometime I feel kinda sleepy and weak. I do have a regular dinner. Last night it was baked seasoned chicken, Brussels sprouts, and mashed potatoes.

I’m not sure if I’m making sense but kinda hoping someone will understand. Perhaps I’m not using enough scoops? I feel like being sleepy means I’m not eating enough calories? On that note I did cut back on my coffee intake because drinking Huel makes me feel like I’ve drank enough and I just don’t want the coffee.

And advice or suggestions would be awesome! Thanks!

Hey @tmart. One scoop of Huel is 200 calories so if you’re only eating 200ish calories for 2 of your meals daily, that likely isn’t near enough food for you, (hence the sleepiness). I’m not a dietician so I can’t recommend how many calories you should be eating but I’d definitely try using two scoops per meal, (400 calories), and see how you feel from there.

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That’s the more likely explanation. How much coffee do you normally drink verses now? I assume this is caffeinated coffee.

I was drinking about two cups a day. Not really a lot but some days I don’t drink it anymore. Just don’t remember feeling so sluggish before. However I do feel better all around and I didn’t really notice until today.


As everyone is different this calorie calculator will help you work out what is right for you.

Check out this guide:

If you have any questions send them my way.

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