Two Scoops Instead of Three

I’m looking to lose weight and want to drink Huel Monday-Friday Breakfast and Lunch, but three scoops a shake is way too many calories. Does anyone use two scoops and the same amount of water? If that’s not very tasty how much water should I use with two scoops, 12 oz?

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I use only 2 scoops per dose, but I also blend with some milk, banana, and PB. So mine ends up being more calories than if I just used 3 scoops in water.

The concentration of your Huel is user preference. Some people actually like it more diluted. I do. But some people prefer it thick.

I think you should be fine using about 500 ml with 2 scoops and call it a day. See if the taste is good enough at that ratio.


I only use 2 scoops too. I use 16oz of almond milk/coconut milk, a banana, and whatever else I feel like adding for flavor. Then I blend it and leave it overnight to grab in the morning. Comes to the consistency of a shake, but I dilute it as I drink it so I don’t miss any.


I started with 2 scoops, but I moved it to 3 after 2 weeks just so I could ease into it! I do 3 scoops twice a day 5 days a week. I’m down just over 13 pounds in 6 weeks! With the bulk of the weight loss arriving in the last 4 weeks. I figured my body needed time to adjust!I

I just ordered huel should i use 3 scoops for breakfast & lunch what do you guys think

Two scoops with one scoop of Amazing Grass Energy Green Superfood (25 calories) for breakfast and lunch (with a 700-900 calorie dinner) is working for me.

I’ve lost 20 pounds in three months, though the first 15 came off faster than the last five. Hoping to drop another 15 at least in the next few months (but the holidays are coming – danger!).

Besides not adding many more calories, the Amazing Grass comes in a variety of flavors that work well with Huel, plus there’s all that extra flora and fauna for the gut.


I just looked up Amazing Grass and I’m surprised at the price point! I am adding it to my list of things to try add in. Do you use Vanilla or U/U Huel with it?

I recently ordered a sample pack of Amazing Grass and have already ordered a 30 serving tub as well. I mixed the original flavor with vanilla Huel and 2tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder. Nice flavor combo for me.

Also blended the berry flavor with vanilla Huel and some frozen mixed berries. That was good as well.

Just a heads up as well, it appears to be even cheaper on Amazon.


I used to do 2 scoops for breakfast. I reduced the water by a third and worked for me.

I’ve used it with both vanilla and unsweetened. It does add a decent dose of sweet, so go with what you like.

And it does seem less expensive on Amazon.

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I’m a truck driver and I ordered my first bags during the Holidays-big mistake, LOL. Now that all that’s over, I’ve committed to using Huel as a breakfast and lunch replacement. Three scoops was just not working for me, too thick and clumpy, so I cut back to two scoops with 400 ml of water. I have one in the morning (3am), one for a mid morning snack, one for an afternoon snack, then eat dinner with the family.
At 336lbs, of course I’m looking at weight loss, but am more interested in nutritional value. So far so good. I cant wait to try the Berry and chocolate.


Thanks for sticking with us through the bumps in the road, Mike! We’re happy to hear you’re loving Huel - it’s so perfect for people on the go like yourself! If you ever need any Huel hacks or tips, you’re certainly in the right place. :sunglasses::+1:

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I bought a NIJA blender and added frozen fruits and yogurt it’s a game changer add a little water and the texture is very smooth… I like it thick at times too, like a malt, but at work I like it a little thinner.

Just a tip. Kellie

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