OG Vanilla to New Vanilla - Subscription Customers

I’m a big fan of Original Vanilla, and completely open to trying New Vanilla. But… I don’t want to be taken surprise and have my subscription automatically changed to a different flavor. When I can no longer get Original Vanilla, I’d like to take the opportunity to try other flavors in addition to New Vanilla. If I dislike New Vanilla, I don’t want to be stuck with two bags of it.

Will there be some notification when Original Vanilla is no longer available, preferably at some point before our subscription order is fulfilled?

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I’d like to know this too. Will it be shown on our order page before it gets shipped?

I’m not sure how the actual fulfillment goes on, but I know when I go to edit my current subscription, I can only choose the “Vanilla” (which is different than “Original”, I guess) and that was how I avoided the surprise of it. The downside is that I’m pretty sure I can’t go back.