Oat and raisin cookies

Is there anyway to get the nutritional break down on these cookies or any of the other recipes

This is the PDF with Huel recipes and the nutritional information according to Huel:


If you have nutritional questions about any recipe(s) in particular, I’d be happy to help!

Thank you Theresa do you know how many calories and carbs there are in these cookies I get 12 to a batch and I use honey for right now will probably switch to maple syrup later I looked at that recipe book it’s all set up for Europe what about the US


414kcal/100g. If you follow the instructions it will be around 635g.
414*6.35=2628.9kcal per 12 cookies (635g) or 219kcal per cookie.

Considering that 35% of the calories are from carbohydrates:
219*0.35= 76.68kcal/cookie are from carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates provide 4kcal per g:
76.68/4= 19.17g of carbohydrates per cookie.

Note: 100g of Maple syrup provides with 261kcal all from sugar (68g); whereas 100g of honey provides with 304kcal all from sugar (82g). Thus, if you use honey there will be a little more sugar (carbs) and calories (hardly significant).

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This was damn good! With Almond milk!

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Spark people has a nutrition calculator where you put the ingredients of your recipe in there and it will give you the nutrition break down. Huel is an ingredient that is already there, but you can add your own ingredients as well.