Macro Guidance regarding Huel

The Big Picture:
I plan on taking Huel four times a day, along with two traditional meals - one for breakfast, other for dinner. Six meals a day in total.

I would like my Huel meals in particular to be exact or close to the following macros per serving:

30grams protein
40grams carb

Is there a way to achieve this? With or without scoop?

Thank you.

So it won’t be exact, but it will be very close. Each cup (127 grams) is 47 grams carb, 37 grams protein. If you measured out 0.8 cup (8 tenths of a cup, or 102 grams) you would wind up with the ratio of 38 grams carb and 30 grams protein. That’s as close as you can get since Huel is a fixed ratio. I suppose you could add a few flakes of rolled oats to get those extra 2 grams of carbs, if you wanted.

Since we know that 3 heaping scoops (or 3 and a quarter leveled scoops) is almost exactly 1 cup, then you could probably do 3 leveled scoops (of the included scoop) and that would be about 0.8 cup (102 grams). If you wanted to be exact, then putting it on the food scale would do it. But I’d say that 3 leveled scoops would be very very close, in my estimate.

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Thank you. That really helps me plan out.

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If you’re intent on tracking food intake so accurately I HIGHLY recommend buying a digital food scale, it will take all of the guess work out with a little bit of simple math and optionally some supplemental protein powder.