Weight loss on a 1200 calorie

I just purchased HUEL it came today I’m 48 5 : 2 weigh 250 my doctor said I needed to go on a 1200 calorie a day I don’t want to have bypass this is my last attempt I have tried so many other options I have arthritis in both knees so I really need the weight off what is the best way to use the product and how much. Jennifer

So if you need to carefully track calories, refer to this:

So each 127 grams of Huel is 500 calories. If you don’t want to actually weigh it, this equates to about 3 overfilled scoops of Huel (using the scoop that came with your order). 3 leveled scoops won’t be quite enough to reach the 127 grams. Or, you can actually weigh it out, if you like.

Since you are limiting total daily calorie intake, you might find it better to do each Huel dose with 2 heaping/overfilled scoops rather than 3. This is about 330 calories, give or take a few. Or if you do 2 leveled scoops, it’s probably closer to 300 calories. This opens more options to you than a 3-scoop shake.

If you want to do pure Huel + water, then you can simply blend or shake 2 scoops into 300 to 400 ml of water. (500 to 600 ml of water is what most people use for 3 scoops, so this is just proportionate.) Feel free to concentrate or dilute as needed. If you use it freshly made, adding or blending ice cubes makes it taste better to most people. So, 2 scoops is around 300 to 330 calories each. Then you simply consume 4 of these in a day for your 1200 calories. (Exact calorie counting is probably not necessary, so long as it’s close.)

If you want to flavor up your huel, you can instead do 2 scoops of Huel + a 100-calorie additive = 400 calories. Then you do 3 of these per day. A blender will be needed. For example

  • 400 ml water + 2 scoops Huel + 1 medium banana = 400 calories
  • 400 ml water + 2 scoops Huel + 1 tablespoon peanut butter = 400 calories
  • 400 ml water + 2 scoops Huel + half a banana + 1.5 tablespoons honey = 400 calories
  • 400 ml water + 2 scoops Huel + 1 full cup frozen blueberries or strawberries (or mixture) = 400 calories
  • 400 ml water + 2 scoops Huel + half banana + 2 tablespoons applesaice = 400 calories

(many of these combinations above can be spiced up with cinnamon powder, which adds no calories.)

You can also make the shake with milk or water+milk combo

  • 1 cup 1% milk + 2 scoops huel + or - water = 400 calories

A word of warning. When first consuming Huel, you may not be adjusted to it. It may taste a little gritty. It may not be sweet enough for you, depending on how sweet of food you are used to eating. There is very little sugar in Huel, so your brain may protest, like a toddler. The psychological adjustment period may take a few days. So please stick with it, even if you have to force yourself. Give it a minimum of 72 hours before you give a first impression of it. Many of us were a little put off on consuming the first dose of Huel, but after only a few tries it becomes easier. Also, your brain will learn to like whatever you force it to like after just a short while. You can easily learn to like the flavor of Huel, if you persist with some patience. Huel’s convenience and low glycemic index make it a very useful tool for body fat loss, IMO.

The reason I say this is because Huel has helped many of us, including me, lose body fat. I use it as part of a 3-pronged program: consume Huel for meals at work + exercise moderately most days of the week + practice intermittent fasting (16 hours fasting / 8 hours feeding window each day). Interestingly, it took my brain longer to adjust to the fasting portion than the Huel portion. But just like the knee-jerk reaction after eating my first Huel dose, my brain protested when I first tried intermittent fasting. I was breaking habits. My brain acted like a toddler and I had to learn to man the **** up and get past that craving to eat a small snack before bed. What I have found is that most of what I interpreted as hunger was merely a psychological learned pattern.

I’m 42, former type-2 diabetic, and was 275 lbs at my very heaviest years ago. I was around the 215 lb range last year before starting Huel and am now about 193 lbs. It is entirely possible for me to change eating habits, reverse diabetes, and lose body fat, even after years of bad habits. It was never too late for me to change. I wish you the best of luck … no, change that. I wish you the best of motivation, encouragement, and discipline. You don’t need luck. You got this!