Nutrition Month means Nutrition Articles

If you didn’t know it March is Nutrition Month so at Huel we are going to cover a few cool articles. I wrote this summary for a Facebook post, if you haven’t seen it and have a spare 5 minuntes I think it’s worth a read (okay I’m a little bias but still).

Super Cool Facebook Post on Macronutrient Ratios and a Healthy Diet


Still reading through this article, along with my backlog of various nutrition articles. It is a very interesting read so far. (Part of the reason it’s taking me so long to read is that I go and read the abstracts of the articles that this article cites.) It seems the “battle lines” have been drawn in the social media sphere. The “keto boys” verses the “plant-based boys”, and the battle over just how evil is carbs verses fats. Our very lives may hang in the balance of this important debate. And, it may turn out that we’re kinda arguing the wrong points. It’s almost as if the macronutrients of carbs and fats have become a proxy for other things. And it’s almost become political, with some agendas behind each. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing. e.g. reducing cruelty to animals or trying to spare environmental damage.) But if we can clear through the politics and see the underlying science, the rest of us can maybe come out of this debate with some good, practical advice. I need to finish the article and then I can put my thoughts into it. I appreciate you posting this, @Dan_Huel

Here is the direct article he references

No problem Deron. I would add that the article has been written by those leaning towards the low carb/keto side and the bias can be seen in some parts.

For future I will try and send out some articles that are a bit more accessible.

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And on the flip side, I was able to look at this with “new eyes”, putting aside my bias against ketogenic diets. I can see many of the arguments for its use and I can see how it would benefit some people, at least in the short run. And I also feel the authors were being as unbiased as possible. I didn’t real get the feeling they were promoting one over the other, but were evaluating both.

This article was one of the more fascinating ones I’ve read recently, so I appreciated it.

Truly, the macronutrients of fats and carbs mean very different things and have very different responses in our bodies depending on the source food and the overall incorporation into the total diet of a person.

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