Why Carbs Aren’t Bad

With the release of Black Edition, some of you may be thinking what’s the point of carbs at all. So we’ve got a new article out that goes through step-by-step what are carbohydrates, how they act in the body and the claims that are made about them.

You can check it out here .

We will have an article on low carb diets to follow too.

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The amount of educational information you folks publish on the Huel website is a fantastic resource, and is very much appreciated.

I will def read the article. But for now I can certainly give an anecdotal account:

Before: When I was eating a lot of sugar sweetened beverages, sweets/deserts with added sugars, and animal products --> BMI 39. Hemoglobin A1c max 8.9%

Now: I’ve been eating a plant-based, “starch-based diet” for a year now. Roughly half of my energy/calorie intake comes from whole starched-based foods like grains, tubers, and legumes. About 30% energy comes from whole fruits. 10% nuts and seeds, 10% non-starchy vegetables. --> BMI 21. Hemoglobin A1c from March 2019 was 4.9%. I am due for another A1c this month and will be interested in this result.

So from my personal account I can tell you that not all carbohydrates are the same in terms of adiposity or elevated blood sugars. For me, the extracted and processed sugars are a problem (as well as the meat/dairy). But eating lots of starch from whole foods and consuming a fair amount of natural sugar from whole fruits doesn’t elicit the same problem. It seems to to be the opposite. It seems to make me and help me stay lean and insulin sensitive.

No problem, thanks for your support Eric!

Yeap this is a key message running through the article!