Cholesterol and Huel

Just wanted to mention that after a year of Keto, my LDL was at 322. I just got my blood test results back after 3 months of Huel and my LDL is about 130 now. Not perfect but on my way to perfect. No need for statins.


That’s very amazing! Kudos. Mine is a bit high, having it tested tomorrow. Are you doing all Huel, or do you have a solid meal during the day?

Most days I do Huel for 2 meals then one solid meal for dinner, and then one scoop of Huel as a snack if I’m still hungry after dinner. Many days I’ll do 100% Huel.

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Hey @Forgotmymeds

How do you find going 100% Huel?

It’s fine! I miss a steak now and again, but one giant rib eye steak a week keeps me sane.


How many scoops per day are ya doing?

On the days I do 100% I do 3 scoops per meal. I drink 3 or 4 shakes so 9 to 12. This week I’ve been eating dinner so just been drinking 2 Huel meals, so 6 scoops.

I had a roomate that didn’t take in enough cholesterol, mixed his Huel with coffee (sin), and binge drank. He eventually started trying to bite my head off to get cholesterol, so to speak (because he was also a drug addicted, catscratch infested filandering imbecile) so watch out!
Diuretics (alcohol/coffee/some citrus) and vegan blood doesn’t mix well.
I’m vegetarian and stick to eggs, milk and butter to keep my brain from draining out, and may go vegan someday.
I’ve tried Huel, but yet to make it a regular thing. If I become active enough perhaps I will.

Side-note to vegans/vegetarians: habitual meat-eaters subconsciously try to hunt you - Learn to shun and keep yer gonads/petunias chaste.

Extra-love sidenote to vegans: once your blood settles as an elf (basically), eating fatty meat will have you fending off heart attacks and strokes, so be careful and don’t forget your water.

We don’t need any cholesterol in the diet because the body makes enough itself. Diuretics can also have the opposite effect on cholesterol and increase it: and

Your roommate’s issues most likely stemmed around is alcohol and drug consumption. There’s not sufficient evidence to suggest that for most people following a plant-based diet that they will have dangerously low levels of cholesterol. In fact it’s often shown a plant-based diet results in a favourable lipid profile: and