Cholesterol and Huel


Just wanted to mention that after a year of Keto, my LDL was at 322. I just got my blood test results back after 3 months of Huel and my LDL is about 130 now. Not perfect but on my way to perfect. No need for statins.


That’s very amazing! Kudos. Mine is a bit high, having it tested tomorrow. Are you doing all Huel, or do you have a solid meal during the day?


Most days I do Huel for 2 meals then one solid meal for dinner, and then one scoop of Huel as a snack if I’m still hungry after dinner. Many days I’ll do 100% Huel.


Hey @Forgotmymeds

How do you find going 100% Huel?


It’s fine! I miss a steak now and again, but one giant rib eye steak a week keeps me sane.


How many scoops per day are ya doing?


On the days I do 100% I do 3 scoops per meal. I drink 3 or 4 shakes so 9 to 12. This week I’ve been eating dinner so just been drinking 2 Huel meals, so 6 scoops.