Low-Carbohydrate Diets Article

Annnnnnd another one.

This article on low carb diets is hopefully accessible to more people and easier to read. It leads on from the more in-depth articles on “Why Carbs Aren’t Bad” and “What is the Ketogenic Diet?

You can read it here.

Dan need help see this and I am JohnT01 and new also have a post in the form
I am looking to lose 1 to 2 lbs a week and I exercise 4 times and week and run 3.0miles 1 day a week . Would it be ok to take a scope in am and luck then eat a dinner . ???
I am 51 ,. 5 10. 200 lbs . Any help on the what to take and a good dinner meal plan wound be great .
Excited to try the Huel. It is here today …

John T

Hey John,

I’ve replied to your other message but I will reply to this too. It sounds like you have a good and sustainable exercise routine.

The key to weight loss is diet, but exercise can help you maintain that weight loss. We have an article on this here. Using an app like myfitnesspal can help you track your calories.

If you use this calorie calculator it can help you work out what you need to aim for. Track your progress using a set of scales and the mirror, don’t worry about daily fluctuations it’s normal. Finally, reduce your calorie intake once you have lost a few lbs if you want to keep losing weight to reach your goal.

Thank you very much for your help and how are the premade ?

Sorry John, what do you mean?

Sorry I see you have the Huel in ready to go bottles. Due you have a few trials ?

Also I am on the Huel black bag. What is calories in a scoop ? I read 150 and 200 what is it ?

Well I am doing 2 scoops for breakfast and 2 for Lunch.
, I see a scoop is 150 calories , I think ? I am taking the Huel Black bag .
Also I am eatting a regular dinner .
I work out 2 days then a day off then 2 days and the weekend off.
Also what do you drink or eat ?

Scoop is kind of an ambiguous statement because depending on how much you pack a scoop which, the amount will vary. As stated in the nutritional information, a serving is 90g which has 400 kcalories

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Unfortunately not.

Roughly there is 200kcal per scoop, we recommend 2 scoops/400kcal per meal but you can do whatever you like.