New to Huel / Hot Huel

I am a US customer and am using the gluten-free vanilla Huel. I just received my second shipment. I have been on a grain-free (and sugarfree) diet for the better part of 4 years now, so when I had some GI issues introducing Huel into my diet, I chalked up to the grain in it. The issues have since passed and Huel has been a wildly successful addition to my diet.

The way Huel has fit perfectly:

Six years ago I had weight loss surgery and lost 140 lbs. During the journey, I fell out of love with food and wanted to find a meal replacement. A meal in a 6oz pudding cup where 3-4 would give me all the nutrition I would need in a day. I think I have finally found it in Huel.

I am a massage therapist and needed something to eat between clients that was healthy and quick, but more importantly something that didn’t destroy my breath! Huel has foot the bill here as well.

I generally make my Huel meals at the 400 cal level (100g of Huel) with anywhere from 400-500ml of water. It is pretty watery but that makes it easier to “gulp” 3-4 swigs between clients.

I started missing warm food in the morning with my coffee. Since Huel already kind of tastes like oatmeal, I thought it might be okay warmed up. I reduced the water to 300 ml (keeping the 100g of Huel) and microwaved it for a minute and a half (30 secs at a time, stirring between). It gets warm and thick, but I can still drink it, though if I let it cool too much it gets thicker and I need a spoon to finish it.
Also, I’ve microwaved it for 2+ minutes and that has gotten it closer to an oatmeal consistency, which needed a spoon for sure. Just don’t wait too long to rinse the bowl when you are done.


Awesome. Thanks for the tips. I love the stuff