Source for Maltodextrin

Now that peak is over and I am done playing Santa’s (Amazon’s) Elf delivering everyone their Alexa devices…I swear I had an entire airplane full of just Amazon boxes one day before xmas.

I come back to see that you guys have upgraded the menu. Bummed about the premixed as tapioca is on my naughty list. But I see you guys also updated the powder recipe. What is the source of the maltodextrin, corn, wheat, people? :wink: :rofl:

Do you still plan to offer the original version?

The US and UK formulas for Huel Ready-to-drink are exactly the same and made, currently, in the same place. What is in there is tapioca starch. However, US labelling requirements mean we have to label it as ‘Tapioca Maltodextrin’, whereas in the EU we can label as ‘Tapioca Starch’. It is not maltodextrin in the same form as normal maltodextrin and is not produced in the same way. I don’t know why US labelling requires it to be labelled this way and I have asked an expert and she didn’t know either. it’s frustrating.

Either way, we have had the GI of Huel Ready-to-drink tested and it’s low GI at 25

The carrier for the US vitamin mineral blend is indeed maltodextrin whereas the carrier for UK/EU powder is mainly coconut flour. Our aim was to have coconut flour as the carrier in this new US version too. However, our vitamin mineral supplier wouldn’t pass the raw material from two possible suppliers as they claimed there was a risk of microbial spoilage in their overly-strict onboarding process. The facility where the EU vitamin mineral blend is produced in France raised this as a potential issue but still found it acceptable to pass. Of course, we test both the raw material and final product Huel in our strict quality procedures in both the EU and US (read more here), and there is absolutely no microbial issue. So this is the reason why we had to use maltodextrin as the carrier. However, the amount of maltodextrin used in the vitamin mineral blend is tiny and works out at less than 0.2% of Huel - is this really an issue? We don’t yet have a GI test result for v1.1 US Huel (the trial is happening but takes a few weeks), but as the formula from a macronutritional perspective is very similar to EU v2.3, I’m confident it will still be around 27 (low). I really see no issue being concerned about any tiny amount of maltodextrin here.

Thank you Christian, but I am looking for the source for the powdered form not the ready-to-drink.

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Hi @Av8tr - the maltodextrin in the powder is derived from maize.

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Thanks. This was one of the aspects of RTD Huel I was curious about. It’s basically the same as powdered Huel reconstituted in water, which is listed as GI of 28.

Freakin’ flaxseed. It lowers the GI of everything. It’s like a diabetic secret weapon. Seriously, we should all be mixing in some chia seeds or ground flaxseed into a lot of our meals. So beneficial.

Crap…was corn in the last formula? I may be out with this change. I’ll have to test one of the new batches when I get back from my next trip.

I don’t think Huel original formula had any corn

It’s corn maltodextrin. This is not corn. It was the same in the last version. Maltodextrin is used as a carrier and we don’t even legally need to label it as it’s in such a low amount <0.2%.

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