Corn in the new huel?

When I first found out about Huel very recently, I was so excited that it didn’t have anything in it that I’m allergic to - no corn, no wheat, no dairy. Plus, I loved that it has a 30-30-40 ration of protein-fat-carbs, which is like the zone diet. Perfect! Now I have just found out that Huel 3.0 has corn in it, which means that just when I discovered it, I can no longer use it. I’m going to order as much old Huel as I can. Tons and tons of people are allergic to corn…are you sure it’s necessary to add this? You didn’t need it before. Why now? I don’t think it’s really a superfood or anything. Is there any way you’d consider taking out the corn?


Hadn’t seen that. There are similar shakes out there without corn so don’t give up on complete food; but sorry to hear Huel won’t work for you.

Maybe stack up and hope for a reverse change?

There is corn in 1.1 as well. It’s an insignificant amount but it’s there.


Thanks Jack. You’re absolutely right. It used to be corn maltodextrin that was a carrier for some of the vitamins and minerals. We’ve now switched to corn starch because of the lower glycemic index.


Even lower GI, that’s what I like to see :slight_smile: