Nothing But Huel For 60 Days Straight (Ongoing: Day 35 Of 60)

Have you tryed chewing gum after the huel for your body to think its eating after the shake

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Chewing gum tends to get me gassy.

Chewing gum after a couple minutes gives stinging pain in my teeth, and its pretty painful. :frowning:

@Deron Updated Google Docs for new bloodwork. I will be making some changes to my routine for these next 30 days - Drinking more water (currently someday I might drink absolutely no water besides days I work out), along with beginning cardio/weight lifting frequency to 3 to 5 days a week.


Updated Bloodwork on Google docs, updated initial post. Will check edits on PC later if there’s any errors.

Uploaded blood test results through a pic so no one needs to scroll through google docs :smiley: Google docs just contains some additional information and the diary.

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I’ve experienced the cramps lately too. I wake up craving Huel now. Tonight I tried to eat a chocolate chip cookie AND LITERALLY SPIT IT OUT IN THE SINK. Then I treated myself to a thick-mixed half scoop of Huel. I would think I’m going crazy, except I feel soooo good.


The free gym finally opened up, beginning tomorrow 3-5/week. Almost paid for another gym. Glad things are starting to open back up again - safely as possible. I’m doing my best to stay extra safe since we’re handling and testing Covid samples ourselves now.

1 Like has a really good set of resistance bands I’ve been using for at-home workouts.

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I’m doing something similar. But I’m doing 2x huel a day and 400-500g dinner and snacks during the day. So far, I thought I’d need the snacks but I really don’t. I have a bad habit of mindlessly snacking while gaming or when board.

Also, love the canisters. Now I have a crafting project, lol.

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Oooo Huel got me here! Did not know there was an edit limit of 20. I’ll make a new thread whenever the 60 days is over. :smile:

New Thread Here: Huel 60 Days Straight w/ Bloodwork (Ongoing: Day 45/60) - Updated

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Congrats! Sounds amazing!
I would like to achieve same, just Huel, nothing else. But I get crazy hungry at 14:00 and then at 17:00again and low sugar. Then I eat bread or salat or even sweets.
How did you get over hunger?

I keep myself busy, just as prior to the Huel diet I would eat because I’m bored. I do feel very hungry if I stay up late, so I’ll just go to bed when that happens.


This is so amazing dude. Nearly 30 lbs lost in the first 30 days is crazy!

Cici’s? People eat Cici’s voluntarily?

Cici’s is amazing and I’m sort of sad I didn’t go again before I started the 1year project. I started the one year project on Sunday - and will be finishing 1st of 2022. I dropped over 8lbs already since Sunday, so it’s safe to assume that the initial 1st month weight loss included much water weight + gut-weight. And I think I just like Cicis more so since I used to love going with my family when I was younger :grin:

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That’s funny. I certainly meant no offense, but it’s not highly regarded here (or at least for myself).

Love reading your updates, it’s very inspirational. Keep it up.

None taken at all, I do know it’s pretty bad everyone jokes about how I like to go there at work, I don’t go often at all - I enjoy even more that its 6$ all you can eat haha. Last I went, you can’t even grab your own pizza anymore because of Covid - You have to wait in line and a staff member gets a plate for you and you tell them what you want. I’m getting a website built for the current 1-year project that will house all the updates/info, Huel forums locks edits after 30 Days but will still update here occasionally.

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Ha, yeah I used to go there back in the day with co-workers, which is how I was introduced to the place. I recall there being a taco pizza that I used to dig.

I just ordered my first subscription of Huel for similar reason and I’m loving the containers you store everything in. Can you share where you got them from?