Nothing But Huel For 60 Days Straight (Ongoing: Day 35 Of 60)

Hey everyone,

Primarily for a permanent lifestyle change and weight reduction, I’m consuming only Huel for 60 days (Along with Almond Milk). Initial, 30th days, and 60th days of weight and numerous blood work will be provided here.

Basic Information:
Age: 25
Height: 5’ 10”
Starting Weight: 230
Weight 30-Day Update: 204.6
Weight 60-Day Update:
Initial Goal Weight: 200

30-Day Blood Test Summary -
Cholesterol(CHOL) Improved - 164 to 118
LDL went from borderline High at 141, down to 83.4, which is a massive improvement.
HDL - lowered but not because of Huel. Over the next 30 Days with exercise/cardio, HDL should rise again.
CK is high since I started working out again recently so that is not an issue.
Triglycerides(TRIG) improved from 287 to 88, where 287 was considered High, and now I am below 100, which is optimal.

UPDATE 15 JUNE 2020:
Final 30-Day Changes - Cardio/Weightlifting 3 to 5 Days a week, and drinking at least half-gallon of water minimum - more on cardio/weight lifting days.

First 30 Days Completed [15, June, 2020]: Did not drink much water outside of HUEL if anything, besides the days listed that I worked out. I feel absolutely great every day, sleep quality improved, visually noticeable weight loss so clothes fit so much better now. After the first 10 days the cravings were very low, and easily able to resist any temptations. Very happy with the weightloss progress.

[[[ For full detail of blood work and other information, Click Here For Google Doc ]]]
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cool bruv

i dont expect any problems will arise.

i dont mind saying it again; ive been on huel powder shakes straight 5-7 a day for 13 months. with fruit and nuts mainly, and veg n seeds- on average every other day. i take supplements too extra b vitamins, iron, msm etc etc etc…

no problem at all.

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I eat mostly huel. Sometimes even though I get enough nutrients, since my stomach doesn’t fill up to what my body’s typically used to (as Huel is more nutrient dense and thus takes up less space), my brain keeps saying I’m hungry when I’m not. Sometimes I just want fresh food.

So I’m thinking about just eating carrots with it (as it’s cheap and filling with little nutrients outside of beta-carotene, which is fine).


What are your symptoms if you have a “cheat day” or meal, such as an excess amount of calories in one sitting (Fast food, carb load), if you’ve done it?


I have one cheat day a week. I think my body has gotten so used to eating clean that when I go back to my old ways for 24 hrs I start getting cramps. This isn’t always the norm, but I also don’t want to fully deprive myself of foods I love. I’m also maniacal about counting my macros/micros so it’s nice to take a break, even if it’s only for one day a week.


ive only had vegan meals v rarely, so had no cheat days.

i see food consumption differently now.

IMO, the most important lab values to track if you were to transition from a standard American diet to an all Huel diet would be

  1. Hemoglobin A1c
  2. Triglycerides
  3. HDL cholesterol
  4. Glucose (if the blood test is done while fasted)

To a lesser extent, these labs may be interesting or prove useful

  1. Uric acid
  2. C reactive protein or LDH
  3. Total cholesterol
  4. The so-called “liver function tests”: AST, ALT

One lab that won’t prove any use to you is the B-hCG, unless you are planning on getting pregnant. ??? And if so, congrats, but I highly doubt Huel will have anything to do with that.

And let’s hope to God your PSA level doesn’t go higher on Huel, or a lot of us are in trouble.


Well since I am a guy, if the B-hCG goes up I’ll probably end up in early retirement from my current career :frowning: . I’m really looking forward to see if my HDL Cholesterol results changes. Currently at 23 mg/dL from this previous test before starting this HUEL 60-day (Normal Range on the low end is around 40).


Thanks for doing this. I’m looking forward to your results with great interest.


Hey Justin. Very interested in how this goes. I will definitely be paying attention to this seeing as I am also just starting a huel only plan for an extended period of time.


Day 15 today, the way it is going and the results are way better than expected, looking forward to finishing off the rest of the 45 days. 1/4th Done - Lab tests are scheduled for 15 days from now :smiley:


Keep at it!

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Had another dream, where I resisted food but ultimately ate the food, only to remember that I wasn’t supposed to eat it and thought I failed the HUEL 60 days, only to wake up feeling relief :laughing:


How’s it going so far?

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ive had dreams of eating dairy chocolate… same effect

woke up relieved



It’s going way better than expected. I also highly enjoy not needing to think or worry about cooking, cleaning, or buying food - I might continue this after the 60 days besides some occasional going out to eat or ordering food. Really really good so far.

Dairy chocolate sounds good to me :laughing:

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That’s great! I subscribe to a Vegan meal prep company, Veestro. I have one of their meals for dinner and 2 Huel meals (breakfast and lunch).


Looking forward to your results. I am doing IF 16/8 and I break my fast with Huel and than have one solid meal at night, I am feeling phenomenal. Good luck.


Are you maintaining or losing weight doing this method?