Not impressed with the customer service

I had placed an order for 2 bags of Vanilla Powder and Chocolate Flavor Boost on Feb 5th. Huel ran out of the Flavor Boost and already shipped the Vanilla powder. Said they would be shipped seperatly, Chocolate Flavor would be shipped later. Somehow I got the Chocolate Flavor first and have not received the Vanilla Powder. 13 days have passed, 9 business days. I needed these last week to start on the diet before my 50 miler run in few weeks. I sent customer service an email to see what they can do to satisfy a customer. Below is part of the response I got.

“Once we pass off our shipment to USPS, we no longer have control of the shipment. I would advise you call USPS and check in on what exactly is going on.”

I am now very hesitate on placing another order from them. They need to take a lesson on how to satisfy customers. At the moment, I am not interested in referring my friends and family to try this product.

I hope the customer service improves soon.

Same here, although not sure what the issue is. They seem to be out of product. Cancelled my order of gluten free powder after waiting 10 days and no news as how long it would take. Reordered with reg vanilla powder hoping it would be faster. It still hasnt shipped after ordering 2nd batch 4 days ago.

Wow. Got another response from Hull saying that it is out of their hands. I should get it tomorrow. Placed the order on Feb 5th and today is Feb 19th. Unbelievable.

Hi @AnimatorSD & @Jeremy_Brewer,

Hi Coty,

Thank you for contacting Huel.

We strive to provide industry-leading customer service at Huel. Our goal is to answer every question quickly, effectively and accurately. If for any reasons we have not met your expectation we’ll make sure to learn from any shortcomings and provide an outstanding customer experience going forward.

I will reach out you both via privite message for order information.

Thank you,

Got it and I appreciate you reaching out to me. After you reached out to me, I ordered 3 more bags! Thanks again…