Not feeling so good after drinking my huel

I’m having trouble cancelling my subscription to huel, drink it for the first time thought it was okay. I woke up this morning not feeling so good, I would like to cancel my subscription please…

Probably not from the Huel

See my response to your other post:

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Hey @Youngblood. I see you got some advice from some kind Huelers already. If you’re still wanting to cancel your subscription, please let me know and I will assist you with this.

Remember to drink it slowly, especially if you are new to these products.


How do you know that it was not from something else that you ate? I made one shake one time and that made me throw up, and I thought maybe I had made the shake incorrectly or something, but then later, I was drinking some Matcha tea and I threw up again pretty soon after drinking it. Then, I realized that it was the team that was making me throw up, and that I had actually put some tea in there to flavor the shake, so that is why it made it seem like the shake made me sick. I know for sure now that it really is the tea because every time I try to drink it, I throw up like very soon afterwards like within 30 minutes where it can’t even digest. I don’t know what it is about that tea. I have never experienced anything like it and I’m actually going to see my doctor about it because it is really weird. I still have it, and I don’t know if there is anything I can do so I can still drink it because I love the taste of it. I just don’t like that it makes me throw up afterwards. Now if you told me that you tried it several times, you only made a shake with water, and then you kept throwing up, then I would say that maybe it is the Huel. Even though it seems suspicious though, it could have been anything that you ate. You should try to see what comes up in your vomit to try to give yourself some clues. Mine was very acidic, and it was basically like drinking another cup of tea, except the other way. I have never had any trouble with Huel no. In fact, I might not eat for a long time because I get busy, and then I go to sleep, and then I wake up not hungry, and partially a bit sick. I don’t wake up feeling like I’m going to throw up, but just that feeling like you really don’t want to eat. If I try to force some food down, then the feeling will go away and I will actually start to feel hungry, but when you don’t feel like eating, that is not very practical to do, especially if you are always late and have no motivation to eat anything. So I would just not eat anything in the morning and just wait until lunch. However, Huel allows me to have a morning meal without having to chew and all of that. I can just drink it and then my stomach actually feels a lot better. During the day, I want more solid things, so that is when I am likely to make some muffins or some cookies or something out of it so that I can eat those and have it be solid, but also have it be a portable, complete meal. Nothing I have baked using the product has made me sick either. I have also used it in the microwave to make something that is like a mixture between oatmeal and soup. I have done it for sweet and savory, and that hasn’t made me sick. Some regular foods can make me feel bad though. I don’t know what it is, but with some foods, my heart rate really speeds up right after I eat. It kind of reminds me of how Bella’s heart rate was speeding up in Twilite right before she turned into a vampire. Then, my whole body feels like it is pulsing, and I can hear the blood rushing to my ears. If it gets really bad, I might feel a bit dizzy too. Then all of my energy will just get sucked away and I will be exhausted. This has never happened with Huel, Even if I have a large portion. One time, I had not eaten all day, and I was really really hungry, so I had five scoops instead of three scoops, and it still did not happen.