No scoop or shaker bottle

I sent an email to support as well as two messages through the website.
I am about to go on a ten day trip to Michigan and the scoop and shaker bottle were not included in my order.
Today I received an email saying they had been ordered for me and were on the way, but I had had no correspondence regarding where to send them! I had made it clear in my emails that I would be out of town.
I need to know what kind of shaker bottle and scoop would be equivalent so I can use the huel I bought during my trip. I leave on Monday.
Please, somebody get back to me soon.

@sagelamie - Use any shaker you can get your hands on that is at least 20 oz - 24 oz.
As for the Scoop - grab a measuring cup. It’s about a heaping 3/4 cup for the 400 calories meal.

Hi! My coworker Micka has assisted you via email with this.