No customer satisfaction

Please, please try a sample before you buy. This company has a very poor return policy. I’m so disappointed with this product (it tastes so bad), but even more so with their customer satisfaction policy (there isn’t one!). I purchased 2 large bags, will not use them because they taste is so bad despite trying to mix the product with fruit, non dairy milk etc. The return policy is that they will accept sealed bags at your own shipping cost (so expensive!) but I am still waiting for a response/instructions from customer service on that too. I so wish I had tried a sample first because I now have a new, opened bag that I will never use. There are way better products on the market with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. This company just want to take your money and don’t care if you like the product or not so I will try to warn as many people as possible.

i don’t believe you.

there’s only one size of bag.

HA-HAAA! caught you fibbing, red handed…

serious?! you’ve tried mixing your Huel with fruit and stuff and STILL can’t get the shakes to taste good!? try one of the recipes that i’ve posted here since i started with Huel about a month ago. bet you’ll try one or two and won’t stop drinking Huel after. BET

there are many other recipes posted here in the forums by other users that offer variations on ways to make Huel edible. curious as to what flavors you tried? did you use one of the flavor boosts?


I once bit into a potato… it was terrible, it didn’t taste like French Fries at all. I tried to make it better by mashing it, but it still tasted like potato but softer and squishy. I’m disappointed the farmer didn’t have a return policy to accommodate my dislike for the product and no better plans for the rest of the bag.

Whatever… life is too big to worry about small potatoes


I can only assume this is one of the Soylent trolls that creates a new Discourse account, pretends to be a real customer, posts some negative comments, swears it will be his mission in life to spread his anti-Huel sermon to the world, and then scurries off a few days/replies later.


I’m Irish so disliking potatoes is not an option :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Unfortunately Huel costs more than a bag of potatoes but thanks for the reminder not to sweat the small stuff!

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IDK what Soylent is and I’m not a troll, I have contacted customer service a couple times but didn’t get a response besides the automatic " we are busy but will get to you when we can" reply , that’s the only reason I even posted here. I don’t see much point in sticking around on a forum for a product I dislike though. I made my point and maybe someone will read it and give it some more research than I did.