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Hey y’all! Im new to the Huel game and so far I’ve loved the products and service. On my first order, I had selected to receive two shakers, a scoop and a T-shirt free. I received the T-shirt but not the scoop or bottles. I waited a while and never received them so I reached out to customer service who promptly sent me out the bottles and scoop free of charge. Much appreciated!

Now, as I’m waiting for those items as well as my second month subscription, I received emails letting me know they were shipped out along with a page of “Delivery Questions”. To track your package it says to go to “your account”, and when I do it provides no delivery status or tracking number. I’ve searched the entire site and cant seem to find this info. I typed “tracking” into the search bar and (at the bottom of the list) find myself back at “Delivery Questions”, again telling me to go to my account to find the tracking info.

Maybe it’s because I’m new and unfamiliar with the site, but I feel that this information is typically readily available on any other system. Why is the navigation of this site so convoluted? Maybe I’ll figure it it out eventually, but wanted to know if I’m the only one who feels this way.


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Did the e-mail have a link at the bottom that said track shipment? I clicked on this link in my e-mail and it took me to a DHL website which said there was an error in the tracking number. But… I later found out that that tracking number is actually the Fed Ex tracking number, so I simply copied it and pasted it into the Fed Ex website to track.

Not sure if this will help you… hope it does.


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@nohohank - When you get the email that tells you your order has shipped, scroll down to the bottom of the email. Here it will say the following which includes a link to check your tracking:

Delivery Information

Delivery times vary depending on location. You can find the average delivery times, and other delivery information, on our delivery questions page.

Have an issue with your delivery? Please contact us on

Click the link below for shipping status on these items:
Track Shipment

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