Newbie question about ingredients

I noticed that sunflower oil is an ingredient in the mix. I have issues with whole sunflower seeds and butters (I get hives) but I can usually tolerate sunflower oil in things like chips, creamers, almond milk etc. I guess my question is, how much sunflower oil is in it? I got my first order today and am excited to start, but wary that I may have paid a lot for a product I might potentially be allergic to. (And yes I’m aware it’s my own dumb fault for not paying attention when I ordered it!! Live and learn… Lol)

@JamesCollier @Rebecca_Huel any insight for this inquiry?

Hey @Xoyzite. The sunflower oil we use in Huel is extracted from sunflower seeds, but whole sunflower seeds are not incorporated. Take a read of the following article to learn more about the processing of sunflower oil. We can’t divulge the exact amount of sunflower oil in the formulation as it’s our recipe, although I would suggest consulting with your Physician as you have an allergy.

Thank you for your response! I assume since it is so far down in the ingredient list there is not a lot of it in the mix? I don’t need exact amount.

Thank you again for your time, it’s nice that a company has people who actually respond!

It’ a very small inclusion yes. No problem, :slight_smile: if you have any more questions just tag me in your post & I’ll try my best!