Berry RTD Sucralose

I tried the berry RTD for the first time today and realised that I am not a fan of the artificial sweetener. Does the RTD version contain more sucralose than the powdered one? Or should I just go with the unflavoured powdered version next time?

Huel Berry RTD contains less sucralose than Berry Powder. As RTD is a liquid product the volatile flavors come through more so will have a stronger flavour than an equal flavor of powder if that makes sense.

If you feel you’d prefer U/U it opens up loads of ways to flavor your Huel. I’m sure the community can give you some flavor ideas, I go for frozen fruit.


U/U powdered Huel will require a bit more work, but it can be mixed into many different tasty concoctions using natural flavorings.

My go-to is: 2 scoops U/U + 2 medjool dates + PB2 powder or real peanut butter + banana + pumpkin pie spice, blended in water or a 50/50 mix of oat milk and water.