New to Huel- preparing for jaw surgery

A friend of mine suggested that I use Huel post op after my jaw surgery. I have a dislocated jaw, and will be having it reattached. I won’t be able to chew for 6+ weeks, and will be on a soft food diet (no chewing) for months after that. His suggestion was Black label Huel.
My questions are these: is the black the right way to go? I won’t be super active. I’ll be on a physical restriction, and can’t even drive for multiple weeks.
Second question, how many times a day should I plan on having my “meal replacements”? Twice? Three times? More often? And should I go with the powder or premixed? Maybe both? What are your favorite flavors of each?

Thanks in advance!

I’d ask your doctor or their nurse practitioner to look into it for you. When I was recently in the hospital I had a nurse look into it for me and they raved about it.

I was recently diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and I take Black Huel (banana and cinnamon roll) for breakfast most days. It doesn’t spike my blood sugar, it tastes wonderful, it’s mindless to make, and the calories are perfect. I’m not exactly super active and I’m not gaining weight by taking it.

You’re getting a lot of nutrition with Huel. I also take Athletic Greens AG1 every morning to make sure I’m good with the vitamins, etc. It’s probably overkill, but I feel better taking it. Look into that too.

Good luck, and I wish you a speedy recovery.


Hey @Ashes! Welcome to the US Huel Forum :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about this though and I am also wishing you the best throughout the recovery period.

Completely agree @edolecki - you want to be sure you review Huel with your medical team to check suitability post-op.

This is entirely based on your preference! Do you have any specific preferences for macronutrients or sweeteners, for example?

You also want to be sure you are getting adequate amounts of protein due to the role it plays in recovery post-op. All 3 options, Ready to Drink (RTD), Black Edition, and v3.0, contain adequate amounts per serving, but Black Edition has the most at approximately 40 grams of protein per serving, which is 2 scoops or 400 calories, so that might be a consideration.

Same thing here! It depends - what else are you thinking of consuming and are you looking to have Huel as 100% of your intake or are you going to switch it up with a few different options?

Convenience-wise, Huel RTD is definitely the easiest to consume as you just give it a shake and twist off the cap, but our powders (v3.0 or Black Edition) are also convenient. The prep work is very minimal as you just add water to the shaker, add the powder, and give it a shake. Or you can blend it for a smoother consistency. I’d recommend blending it, at least to start, just to be sure it’s as smooth as possible post-op.

Definitely a good idea - this way you have a bunch of options depending on how you’re feeling that day and whether or not you want to prepare it or just take an RTD out of the fridge.

Cinnamon Roll RTD and Chocolate RTD are my favorites, followed by Salted Caramel v3.0 or Black Edition powder.

Hope this helps and I’ll be sure to look out for your message!

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Thank you so much! I know that diet is key to a speedy recovery so that is one of the main reasons I am considering Huel as my main source of nutrition. I appreciate that you have post op experience with Huel too. That helps!!!