Huel Ready-to-drink price


I came on the site today to price out the Huel Ready-to-drink meals to check their viability for my PCT hiking trip next year. However, I was greeted with “Huel Ready-to-drink will be back soon.” and “Temporarily out of stock” instead of prices. Would it be possible to have the price still available for people trying to budget out-of-stock Huel products into future expenses? Also how much are they…

Thank you.

Hey @Jon_Rurka! Our standard case of Ready to Drink Huel is $54, or or $4.50 per bottle. Of course, if you were to subscribe you would receive the additional 10% off each case bringing it down to $48.60 or $4.05 per bottle!

Also, the more you buy the more you save! So if you’re purchasing multiple cases on a recurring subscription your price will be even less. For example, if you were to subscribe for four cases of Huel Ready to drink it would be $145.80 for all four, $36.45 per case, and $3.03 per bottle!

Hope this helps. Have a wonderful day!

I think I maxed it out at $3.19 per bottle, if I remember correctly. It’s been so long since RTD has been in stock that I can’t even remember now!