Need help canceling order before it ships


Please cancel my order (#411546-US) before it ships as I forgot to cancel my subscription. I am moving to a new place but my subscription was set to my old place.

Thank you in advance.

Hey @pst!

Your order has already processed and I am unable to cancel this for you. Subscription orders must be canceled the day before the charge date.

What we can do is issue you a discounted return label for if you wish to return your order for a full refund. However, the delivery must be confirmed before we can issue a shipping label. Once you receive your package, let me know and I will request your label for you right away. If you need me to reroute your shipment to your new place, please DM me your address and I’ll put in that request right away with FedEx.

Hi @Alex_Huel ,

Thank you for replying. I am now confused about my order because I have received another message from Facebook saying that my order was cancelled successfully. So what is the current status of my order? I unfortunately won’t be able to return my order since I am very far away from my old shipping address that I forgot to update. Is there a way to intercept FedEx delivery?

Thank you in advance.

Of course! So I just checked on the Facebook message that you’re referring to and it looks like my coworker managed to cancel your order successfully. We usually have a very, very small window to cancel orders in so she got lucky and was able to get to it in time! In this case, your order is cancelled and you have been refunded. You should be good to go. :+1: