Need advice as a very busy student

So, I’m planning on “eating” better as a student who is studying for an average of ten hours a day. I want to divide 2k calories into five, possibly even six different meals to promote health

Thing is, I can’t make Huel on campus (I do have access to water, but carrying the pouches in my bag is a big no no because the pencils/stationary could tear into the bag and cause it to spill in my bag.

Any other students using Huel, what did you guys do to cope?

Another alternative would be to consume 1k calories for breakfast, then 500 for lunch, and the remaining 500 for dinner…

I don’t want to buy the campus’ shitty overpriced food, two cookies and a slice of pizza costs the same as a day’s worth of Huel which has more nutritional value (per site claims)

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I too spend an inordinate amount of time at school. What I do is make my Huel in the morning (I bought a second blender bottle) and then keep them in an insulated lunch box. I’ll have one for breakfast and then eat a home cooked lunch (I also keep this in the same lunch box) and then have the other Huel shake for dinner. If I get super hungry, I’ll supplement it with a Cliff Bar. You can buy an entire box of Cliff bars on Amazon for $11, that’s ~90 cents per bar and they’re not terrible for you. I like Cliff Bars because they fill me up and I have an issue with eating enough calories for my height, but you could do Kind Bars or whatever else you like. Just buy them by the box on Amazon or wherever instead of buying them at the store, because it’ll usually be cheaper (unless you can get a BOGO deal).

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Personally, I have started “meal prepping” my Huels for an even faster, more convenient experience. I may have graduated a handful of years ago, but I live on the go all the same. To avoid waste from ziploc bags, I use small tupperware containers, scoop my Huel measurement, add in any flavor boosts I need etc. then pack with my shaker and go. The pre-made option is a great one if you’re into a thicker, sweeter Huel. Lately, I’ve preferred freshly made Huel is all. :yum:


@Teresa_Huel What size tupperware containers do you use for packaging up your powders?

Not sure what exact size it is, but it’s a Rubbermaid, likely 1-2 cup container. I only do 2.5 scoops these days, so it might be different for you depending on how much Huel you use.

I spend very long days at work, but can’t stomach eating breakfast too early. So what I have started doing is putting my 2.5 scoops in the shaker bottle along with any powdered mix-ins with no water. I also use a tupperware (3"x3"x2") for an additional 3 scoops for lunch. Keep water bottles in the fridge (warm huel is just not ok) and just mix whenever I’m hungry.

Rinse out your shaker bottle between meals to keep everything sanitary!

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I’m also a student who drinks only Huel and studies the same amount daily. I just drink 500 calories for breakfast and keep three shakers and pouches in my large bag to drink the other 1500 calories for the rest of the day (no sinks near where I study).
Let’s say you you’re worried about your pencils poking your Huel, and you have two shakers in your bag. You can do your 1000 calories for breakfast in your dorm, wash that shaker, then store the two pouches for the rest of the day in one of your two shakers. That way when you get up to drinking your second Huel, you’ll have used up all your pouches so the shaker with the pouches in it will be empty and can be used for drink.
If you only have one shaker but have access to a sink while studying, then you can use this same strategy but wash the shaker every time so you can store your pouches in there without the pouches getting residual Huel all over them.

I actually came to the forums to see if anyone was doing what I was thinking about doing - I’ve heard some people use baby formula travel containers for carrying protein powder (would solve your pouches issue - they tend to be made of sturdy plastic). I found one at TJ Maxx that looks like it would work - has 3 sections and takes up little more space than the unsectioned tupperware I use now. What I’m trying to figure out is about how much is in a scoop? I think the baby formula sections hold about 6oz each - you rotate the top to get to the section you want and there’s a spout for easy pouring into your bottle (I got huel everywhere trying to pour from tupperware!). Anyone else doing this?

I’m late to this reply party, but, I use the screw top Ziploc brand plastic containers. I think the size I have is a 2 cup. There is plenty of room in there for the powder. I just use a piece of paper as a funnel for getting it in the shaker bottle.

Re: scoop size - I have a new scoop, I get between 47-50 grams per scoop. But, I weigh my Huel out so I don’t necessarily use the “scoop rule”, I just use the scoop as a delivery method from bag to container.

Currently in graduate school. I’ve reused old jars to carry Huel separate from my shaker with milk. You can also try an overnight oats version in a small container, Blender Bottle has small containers of various sizes you could ‘meal prep’ with, along with any other snacks you might want (ex: nuts, fruit). By separately carrying you could add flavors like matcha tea, coco powder, etc.

You could pre-fill the shaker with Huel, and then just add water when you’re ready to drink it. And keep an extra pouch of (2 scoops) Huel for each extra meal you’re going to have.