Natural flavours

Vanilla gives me eczema, is it one of the natural ingredients in any of the ready to drink flavours?

Hey @Paul1! Welcome to the US forum. Sorry to hear this. I’ve just dropped you a message to get a bit more information and chat through further. :slight_smile:

Thanks Charlotte, if you could let me know here or by email that would be great as I cannot see the chat with Ben unfortunately.
Thanks for your help!

Of course, will follow up here :slight_smile: Did you receive my message this morning? I also sent a follow up via messaging so you had it too.

I reached out to our team this morning and as soon as I hear back from them, I’ll let you know here!

Hi Charlotte
It’s been a week, did you find out?

Hey Paul! I sent you a direct message on here earlier today with additional information on this - did you receive it?

The team let me know that the vanilla flavor of Huel Ready to Drink doesn’t contain vanilla, the team is still looking into the other flavors. I’ll keep you updated when I get any additional information from them too!

Thanks Charlotte,
Our emails must have crossed at the same time. It’s the chocolate flavour I’m particularly interested in if they can get that info.
Have a great weekend.

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