Natural flavouring ingredients

Hi , I’m breastfeeding a baby with extensive severe allergies and anaphylaxis to multiple foods.
Could you please send me the exact ingredients in your natural flavouring for huel black vanilla ?
Are there any without any coconut or oats in ?
Thank you

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Hi @RavenL

We can’t give the exact ingredients for the natural flavourings, but I can say the flavouring components themselves do not contain any oats or coconut. However, there are coconut-derived ingredients in Huel Black Edition all flavours.

Let us know if we can help further.

Hi , unfortunately my daughter reacts to over 100 different food proteins. I’m currently living off a DIY protein shake made strictly from pea, rice and pumpkin protein with vanilla extract.
I really want to switch to huel as it is more nutritionally complete so this is sad to hear you are not able to give me a breakdown of your ingredients as I have to be extremely strict with my diet to avoid anaphylaxis.
If you are able to provide me further details of the ingredients I would be extremely grateful as my diet is currently so limited and I am desperate to find something that works.
Emily Ferguson

Hi Emily

That sounds like a real nightmare for you guys!

It’s not that I don’t want to give you the details of the flavours, it’s that I can’t. We work with flavour houses who hold the minute details. However, if you were to send me a list of all known proteins that your daughter reacts to, we can ask them if they are present. I realise that you probably won’t want to list them on the forum, so if this is an option, please DM me here and I’ll pass you my email.