Make a coconut free option!

I really like the concept of Heul, especially considering I live in a state prone to hurricanes. However, I can’t eat anything you make. It all uses coconut which I am anticlimactically allergic to can you please make a coconut free one using soy, palm, or even oat milk?

Hey, @CooperChurch14, Welcome to the US Forum! :raised_hands:

Huel Complete Protein actually doesn’t contain coconut! So that would be a good place to start if you wanted to dip your toe in the Huel waters :hugs: However, this is more of a snack rather than a meal. If you’re looking for more of a meal, you can always mix it up into a smoothie with some other great ingredients to make it more of a meal too! You can have a look at the break down on this product here: The Huel Complete Protein Formula Explained

I’m so sorry to hear that our other recipes don’t work for you since they contain Coconut, though. Thank you so much for taking the time to write in and express your interest in Huel even though our meals aren’t currently an option! I will definitely pass your suggestion along to the proper team for consideration. Keep an eye out, you never know what we may come out with in the future!

If we do end up making more products without Coconut in the future is there a particular product line or flavor you’d be hoping to see that with?

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