My experience with flavor boost

After transitioning to the UU Huel, I found it undrinkable as is and requires some sweeteners. Before I discovered the flavor boost, I use 125g UU + 40g agave syrup + water to fill to 700mL. It’s drinkable and reminds me of graham crackers.

I have recently purchased the strawberry, chocolate, and cappuccino flavor boost to “spice up” my huel life. Here are my experience with them.

Strawberry (125g UU + 10g strawberry): Incredibly sour taste accompanied by the weird earthy UU taste.
Strawberry mod (125 UU + 10g strawberry + 40g agave): Nice strawberry flavor, still a bit on the sour side.
Verdict: Might need to play around with the strawberry more, but overall pretty interesting taste. I like it.
EDIT: It would appear I completely overshot the amount needed. Will try with lower amount

Chocolate (125 UU + 10g chocolate): taste just like the UU huel with more intense bitter taste.
Chocolate mod (125 UU + 10g chocolate + 40g agave): Good chocolate taste
Verdict: I think I might keep this.
EDIT: It would appear I completely overshot the amount needed. Will try with lower amount

Cappuccino (125 UU + 10g cappuccino): No comment, undrinkable.
Cappuccino mod (125 UU + 10g cappuccino + 40g agave): Distinct coffee taste, not too bad.
Verdict: Pretty okay in my opinion.
EDIT: It would appear I completely overshot the amount needed. Will try with lower amount

Overall, I agree with most of the people who tried flavor pack with UU, the flavor pack was intended for the vanilla flavor huel. If you wanna use it with the UU, be prepared to add some sweeteners.

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I had to look up what Agave syrup was, and this was the second link in Google. Looks similar to high fructose corn syrup, with even more fructose.

My experience with the Huel brand artificial fruit sweeteners (strawberry and banana) has been poor. To me, artificial tasting fruit stuff is generally either sickening sweet or leaves a sour aftertaste. I tossed those in the garbage after a few tries. (Sorry, Huel.) The chocolate Huel additive, however, is pretty good when used with Vanilla Huel, IMHO.

Using actual fruit itself is much better tasting for me. A few frozen blueberries, half a banana, half an apple or big spoonful of natural applesauce are pretty darn good when mixed with Huel. They will add a small amount of sugar, but the fruit also has fiber. It’s not like fruit juice which is jacked with sugar. Apples and berries have a pretty moderate glycemic index, so I don’t feel bad adding them to my Huel.

I was at the store looking at the V8 juices … blueberry/pomegranate looks good. The label tells me 0 added sugar and I’m surprised to see potato and carrots are in the mix. Think I replace some water to get some flavor and it should mix easy in the shaker.


I’m not a fan of Strawberry or Banana. They taste too chemical-ish. I think the chocolate mint give the most significant taste change- sort of like Girl Scout Thin Mints.

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Personally I’ve tried the Cappuccino and the Chocolate Mint, both with vanilla Huel.

The chocolate mint is one I’ve found praised in several places on forums as a great flavor. I’m jealous. I found it absolutely revolting. It was a battle of will to force that shake down. Normally I like chocolate and I like mint. I found no hint of chocolate flavor at all. There was sort of a mint’ish flavor there but it was like some weird distorted disgusting mint. I had the Huel for lunch. No joke, no exaggeration: when I brushed my teeth that night with mint toothpaste my mind was reminded enough of the Huel to feel a touch revolted all over again. It was that bad.

The Cappuccino flavor was much better. I’ve only tried it once so far, and it was when I packed Huel for a trip so I wasn’t able to tweak the amount of the flavor like I normally would. I followed the package suggestion of 1/2 tsp per 100g of Huel and that provided a pleasant coffee-like flavor. Next time I’ll try increasing the amount of flavoring as I would have liked a more intense flavor, but overall very nice. Nowhere near as good as Huel mixed with real fruit, but a good option for mixing up some Huel when no blender is available.