My experience: My new favorite food

  • Product: Unflavored, gluten free
  • Cost: I got this for really cheap $5 where I’m at (because it’s expired - but dry food is good past the expiration usually - so that’s fine). I wasn’t even sure it was vegan - but the ingredients looked good. I found out it was - so cool! Putting all these ingredients together would be around $400 for me. I would buy Naturelo vitamins for $80, pea protein for $10-20, raw brown rice for $20, calcium supplements $8, hair vitamins for $2 and this is without being able to afford flaxseeds and mct oil. I would have to buy double of all, hence the high price. That’s a bargain I want to keep.
  • Taste: I didn’t like it - not sweet enough. However, I bought it for its lack of sweetener - as I want to do that myself. So I added tiger nut flour (1:2 ratio - that means adding in 2lbs of tiger nut for my 4lb bag). Now it tastes like freshness - like going to the beach or coming from it. It tastes like the future!
  • Healing I got a concussion and lost my appetite for a while (it came back) and have been trying to make up for my food loss to no avail. This really helped, and helps my concussion heal too (although that may be the tiger nut flour - which is brain food to me). I also donated blood and would be tired afterwards - not anymore. I feel so energized - like I had coffee.
    *Portability: I just feel like I can take this anywhere - hiking, etc. I work in warehouses where I bend up and down all day and walk a lot. So something already cut up to a powder helps it absorb quickly, so there’s no sloshing or just sitting in my stomach like normal food would (which just makes me malnourished). I also feel like I gain a lot of muscle, which’ll help a lot. I don’t like having a lunch box - as people move it around and then it gets thrown out or criticized - so something that can be in my car’s the best.
  • Packaging I need to put this in a large glass jar to shake - because I’m mixing ingredients - as the zipper is not enough to hold back 6lbs of course. I just use a reusable spoon instead of a scoop and add it to a mason jar to drink. That simple.
  • Lifestyle: I want to be more of a minimalist and before I felt I had to buy a bunch of foods in bulk and add them all to their own jars - which would be a lot of space. Now I just need one jar with the mix of tiger nut and huel and that’s it! For my daily life, because it’s so cheap and really flexible in terms of meals (I eat it when I’m hungry, so I can go without it for a while) - I’m able to eat other foods for a quick bite there if I go out without worries about having to buy more/stock up, or spend too much money.
  • Issues: None except silly stuff - what will I do with all the other food that I have? :slight_smile: Can I get to the location in time to get another before they run out? :slight_smile:
  • Benefit/Futuristic: This is going to set me up for the best life I could imagine. Been waiting for this my whole life! My new favorite food that’ll bring me into the future! There’s even a forum to go with it! Now all that’s left is growing everything else in vertical farms without meat and wow - amazing sights I’d see and want to live in - so eco :slight_smile:

Update: I will still need to the Naturelo - as they have rare stuff that’s not in Huel (like eye, joint, and heart vitamins), but I won’t need them as much - due to not needing them for vitamin pills.


Good read. Thanks.

Mixing Tiger Nut flour into Huel… hmmmm. I have read about tiger nut flour but never used it. I may need to order some from Amazon to give it a try. From what I understand, tiger nuts are really a tuber not an actual nut. So I bet the flour would blend well with Huel.

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@Deron thanks. Liked sharing the info and glad you’re giving it a try. It’s a tuber. I eat it because it’s like brain food and tastes sweet and earthy. I heard our ancestors ate it: and it seems to make sense, as it’s so easy to eat. It did blend well :slight_smile:

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Another update: I believe I have version 1.0, which seems a lot better than the 3.0.

Makes my skin nice (maybe from the oils. like MCT) and I’m getting in shape (from the protein). I eat this for meals and snacks. These days I’ll only eat a regular meal once in a while now to get rid of my food supply or get what’s being shared, as the huel keeps me from getting hungry when I go somewhere (so no cravings or wanting a food when i see it somewhere).

I’m starting to realize that having more omega 3’s in the product might not be beneficial to me (they added more to make the 1.1). The reason is that my blood vessels are really thin from the lack of cholesterol from the vegan diet, and the flaxseeds alone cause me to bruise more than I normally do. So I actually need less flaxseeds/omega 3 instead of more.