More Huely Goodness, Less Calories?

Do you find yourself stuck in “what if…” thoughts?

Something about how you describe your coping mechanism for dealing with habit/tendency makes me wonder if you would (like me) benefit from GABA gamma-Aminobutyric acid - Wikipedia

I have explained it as having my brain feel like a noisey cafeteria full of echoes… which are secondary, tertiary, etc ripples of thoughts. It’s overwhelming. So i use a gaba supplement to quiet the echo… the secondary thoughts are still there but the tertiary(plus) echos are farther away/quieter. It helps to focus and be less bothered by obsessive thoughts like “if I dont eat eat these bananas before they spoil I’ll have wasted money… and i can’t afford to waste money, so I better eat all the bananas right now”

So now I’m thinking I don’t know you or your situation and have no business making suggestions… but if this tip to investigate GABA supplement helps you, then I should share - right?

I think you should pay attention to how your body works and do what is best.

I don’t like the multiple small meals style because it’s too much thinking about food all the time. I prefer only two “post prandial” blood sugar spikes per day. I think grehlin (signals hungry) actually makes me more thoughtful/clever. So I believe I have a body architecture that works better on fewer meals rather than more.

Know what works for you.

Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. A living, breathing mammalian body, no matter what size or shape, requires the exact same [three] biological substances to survive as every other living breathing mammalian body. Air, food and water, I.e. oxygen, fuel, and hydration. Deny access to a certain quantity of any one of these three things, for a determinant period of time, and the body cannot survive. It will eventually, inevitably die. Even a body in a comatose state cannot survive without some amount of all three things.

The only substantial difference a small handful of mammals possess in addition to basic instinct, including us humans of course, is sentient thought. This give us the ability to act contrary to our basic instincts, even when we know it is detrimental to our well being. I’m going to stop there, assuming you know where I’m going…

So to postulate that each of our bodies has a different architecture somehow is dubious to say the least and I’d dare to say erroneous on its face.

So you expect that I can read what you wrote and know what you meant, but you pounced on a few words to miss my point?

I wasn’t suggesting people don’t need food, air, or water. I was suggesting that some people do well with 6 meals a day, some do better with 2 meals in a restricted time window. Some do keto/low carb… to suggest one size fits all is silly. To suggest that nutritional science is a solved problem is also silly. We don’t know how genetics affects a lifetime of changing metabolic needs. Sure, we can identify metabolic chemistry in labs… but to say that is sufficient to tell everyone exactly what and how to eat can only be accurate in the most general terms… like “food, air, and water”
(Yes, yes, macro and micronutrient… fiber, etc)

So are eggs good or bad for you at this point?
(an example of a food that goes in and out of dietary approval as science supports or refutes popular opinion)

I rarely use that language. It begets too much confusion…if you’re starving to death and eggs are all you have to eat, then I guess you could say they’re “good” for you. Otherwise, probably not so much.

Do eggs promote optimum health when consumed in moderation?? Can you be healthy having never eaten eggs? Those seem like more applicable questions, don’t you think?

At any rate, I obviously failed to get my point across without it triggering you somehow and now you’re [feeling] upset and/or offended. I definitely didn’t want that to happen.

Now you’re telling me that I’m triggered?

I get your point. I agree “good or bad” is too simplistic and your proposed questions better capture the nuance of context.

You continue to challenge. I tried to explain/clarify and you come back with “oh now you’re triggered” instead of either getting my original meaning despite the words that i used that you didn’t like or asking for more clarification.

Afaict, we’re on mostly the same perspective so i don’t understand why the “akchewally…” stance.

So please ignore everything else, quote only the weakest subpoint into an isolated nitpick. You can have the last word too because I’m probably never going to reach a point where this argument could be a discussion.

Sorry to the rest of this thread for the distraction

Ok. Let me see if I can help you to alleviate [at least some of] this aggravation you seem to be exuding in your last two posts…or, perhaps it will enrage you further (god forbid), I’m not really sure, since pointing out that something that I wrote triggered you (I.e. triggered feelings of frustration, or unhappiness in you) or offended you, triggers you even more. But I’ll give it a go anyway.

Well no, I didn’t actually tell you anything, however, here’s what I typed:

At any rate, I obviously failed to get my point across without it triggering you somehow and now you’re [feeling] upset and/or offended. I definitely didn’t want that to happen.

I said (typed) that not only was I unsuccessful at making my point (to you anyway) i also, somehow, for some reason, triggered certain feelings in you that manifested themselves in your post(s).

Was that an inaccurate assessment of the actual events? Please, you would be doing me a huge favor if you were to point out the inaccuracies for me so that I don’t repeat them in the future.

I’ll go slow and do these one at a time so that hopefully you won’t become overwhelmed and lash out in frustration again…IF, that’s what that was before.


P.S. I’d be happy to take this private if you prefer since you showed such concern for the others you felt the need to apologize.

1/4 cup has about 50 calories and will thicken the shake and add protein and fiber. I found that it took noticeably longer for me to get hungry when I added the beans.

@BeefSupreme a classic pro tip I have is throwing in some ice into the mix! If you add ice, blend it, and put it in the fridge it will definitely thicken up :blush:

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After reading the comment about blending with ice, it reminded me of “anabolic ice cream” people made on youtube blending protein powder, ice, and a bit of xantham gum as a thickener… would that work with Huel? Maybe Huel Black?

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I should add, I don’t mean would this create an anabolic ice cream, but whether it would form the desired consistency at all. I will have to try it when my Huel shows up!

Instead of adding gum to thicken, use less water

It would be harder to manually shake to a smooth consistency with only half as much water for the powder to mix around in… but I use an immersion blender to mix 400 calories (2 scoops) in 400ml (13.5oz) and it has the pour of a pancake batter.

Thanks guys for all your input, and apologies for the late reply!

My current sweet spot seems to be to blend first, add konjuc root powder, leave in the fridge over night, add water next day and hand frother, drink ice cooled.


Is this basically why you use it?

Konjac is a plant that’s been used for centuries in Asia as food and medicine. Research has shown it may help you fight constipation and reduce cholesterol. More studies are needed, but konjac may also support weight loss. The best formula for reducing the number on the scale is still a healthy diet and regular exercise.