Mobile website functionality

When logged into my account, the “edit” button on the subscription management page does not load the next page when prompted. I have attempted this action on two different iPhones (X and XR) running the latest iOS (13.1.3), on three different mobile browsers (Safari, Chrome, Cake), across multiple stable networks.

This appears to be a pretty glaring website functionality issue. The response I received via email support was that a new subscription platform is in the works and will be running by the end of November.

With that said, Huel email support offered to assist me completely with editing my order on their end. However, I would prefer not to have to email Huel every time I want to edit my subscription. I should be able to do it myself, like I have done in the past, but right now that is not possible.

Please address this, thank you!!

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Heyo! This should all be fixed for you with our update at the end of November. Sorry for the troubles!

That’s quite a long turnaround for what I consider to be a rather important website function. Disappointing to hear, but thanks for the response.

I don’t have this problem, and I haven’t seen it mentioned in the forums over the past few months.

So, it must not be affecting too many people.


Paxton, what hardware/software are you using?

Pixel 3XL, Android 10 and Chrome


I tried to access the EDIT functionality this morning from my desktop at work. Totally different device, totally different network. Dell PC, Windows 10. When I click EDIT, a page seems to load but there is no content.

24 days later and I’m still having this problem and apparently nobody else is -__-

Here is a screenshot of the page I get when I click EDIT on the Subscriptions & Orders page…

Same things happens on mobile.

Oh jeez! That doesn’t look very helpful at all. I’m going to get you an email right away so we can chat this through and I can make any edits you may like to see. Look for that email coming at ya now!