Herbal powder adding to huel shakes


keeping in mind the Convenience and not having a Blender:

what do ppl add to a huel Shake?

what powders?

of any description…

i add fennel or coriander powder often, it helps a lot with gas or bloatedness.

My current Way is 100ml apple juice, 300ml water, half a scoop of Trader Joes Chai Tea powder, 100g Huel U/U


oh nice

might try the chai tea powder

The Amazing Grass works pretty well with berry or chocolate powdered Huel, mixed in 50/50 oat milk/water. It works especially good for berry Huel.

It’s this one. Also available on Amazon

Oh, and while I’m at it, chai flavoring can work very very well in vanilla Huel.


oh yeh i tried sumthing like that. completely forgot. this was before i tried huel… good idea to look into that again and mix the two…

I add powdered gooseberry (Amla) for the antioxidants and frozen mixed berries. I sometimes change it up and add other fruits, such as pineapple, apple, coconut, etc.

Occasionally, I also add flavor boosters from the Huel line up

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gooseberry thats a new one

sounds tasty af

Pretty tarty/sour actually but I think out of all the fruits they tend to be one of the highest in antioxidants.

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i usually put in a tbsp of pb2, and then it depends on my mood.

i’ll do a “cold brew” with mate, herbal teas, or crio bru. then just a little sweetener.

if i’m wanting fruity, i’ll go with cherry juice, or blend some fruit in

other times, powdered spices - ginger, cinnamon, etc. i did throw some cayenne in there once. not highly recommended, unless you want the heat!

working through my supply, i think i have like 4 more bags in the basement. stopped drinking huel for a bit, and didn’t delay the subscription. my fail. need to get finished up so i can get some black edition… was working out a lot, and was having a hard time keeping up with protein (i think) was always hungry… so huel was stupidly pushed to the side for fast food convenience.

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if you add some fenugreek, it reduces appetite if yiu feel too hungry. also boosts testosterone. big win. but dont have too much it can make you nauseous. just half a teaspoon here and there.

ive recently added cinnamon, love the taste.

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might have to look into that! thanks for the heads up

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cool bruvvarrrrrrrrrr