Mixing Huel 3.0 Vanilla with Huel Black (All flavors) 50/50

Been using Huel Black twice a day for about a month now. I like to experiment with taste as Huel Black does take some getting used to with sweetness and aftertaste. I decided to try a bag of the Huel 3.0 and see if I would like it better than Black, I did not. It is not as sweet and more like a flour taste, (guessing that’s the oats) BUT when I mixed 1/2 of the 3.0 vanilla with 1/2 any flavor of Black it taste awesome. It calms the sweetness of Black down some and helps the aftertaste alot and the consistency is great. I think I’ve found my sweet spot.


Running some Huel science experiments and I am here for it :man_scientist: