Merry Christmas, Hueligans!

A very Merry Christmas to everyone here, it’s been an eventful year but I’ve loved chatting with you all and I hope you guys have enjoyed chatting to other Hueligans and us here too. Let’s keep up those positive vibes into the new year!

Here are a few key notices to be aware of over the next couple of weeks

Reduced service from the team
That’s on the forum and via email. We will have various folks from the customer experience team working through Christmas but clearly response times may be a little delayed.

  • As per the Rules of the forum we don’t look to resolve specific delivery/order problems via the forum, the right place to go is email, social media direct messages or live chat - not the forum
  • If any of you see someone commenting here with a question about their order, it would be very helpful for you to direct them to email - thank you :pray: Of course if it’s just a general enquiry then help them out as you always do!
  • We will be visiting the forum to check for flags and problems though so please continue to use the Flag function. If any posts are rude, massively off-topic, spam, or just so far away from anything Huel related then hit the little :black_flag: on the post. Moderators here always prioritise red flags when we come to the forum
  • You might see some other faces from the Huel team responding to posts here over the holidays while I’m on my 48th holiday of the year. People like Charlotte from the UK team and Cam. If they have a shield next to their name, or a grey title suggesting they’re staff then they work for Huel!

Welcome our new Hueligans!
We’ll be getting a ton of new people coming to the forum probably after the holidays. Although we have a pinned post on the forum asking people to search the forum for similar posts before they share their new post, many won’t see this or be au fait with forum netiquette.

Please help them out, play nice and give them a warm welcome! You can always point them in them in the right direction of similar posts or website articles :blush:

Merry Christmas, I really hope you’re all safe and happy and that your Christmas plans aren’t too scuppered or at least you’ve found some silver linings in your new Christmas plans. :christmas_tree: :snowman_with_snow: :tada:


Merry Christmas! Low you all! :heart:


Hey guys, looking forward to hopping on here over the next week or so!

Merry Christmas to you all. :blush: