Help! Subscription won’t update!

I’ve tried to update my subscription many times, but the Huel site keeps giving an error message. Can someone help me update my subscription and place my order today, 11/22/19?

I got help through the insta-chat function on the main website. Big thanks to Alexandra!

Woo! Shoutout Alexandra for getting this sorted for you😁 If you need anything in the future don’t hesitate to give us a shout!

I’m having a similar problem. For most of the afternoon yesterday, your Account area was offline for maintenance. Now, my account says my “Dispatch Date” for my next order is December 18, 2019 - Well, that was yesterday and now my order hasn’t processed which means I am probably not going to get by the date I was planning. I seriously need this order in my hands by December 26th. Please help!

[UPDATE] My order has been Dispatched! Alexandra Rocks! I went on Chat and she helped me too!