Mental Hunger Anyone?!

Hi All!

New Hueligan here! I’m two weeks into my Huel journey and am already experiencing results - down 6lbs; flushing a ton of water; and things are already fitting a little looser. Overall I am enjoying the Huel shakes - Salted Caramel and Vanilla. Definitely prefer Vanilla of these two. My current program is shake for breakfast and lunch, followed by a sensible dinner. I’m also keeping track of my overall calories via the Lose It app.

One interesting observation is what I can only best describe as “mental hunger”. I’ve heard about and experienced being hangry before, but this is totally different. I experience periods of increased irritability where my mind says to eat, but my body isn’t looking for nor needs anything. Just really exemplified, to me, how mental our issues with eating can really be. Almost like a detoxing sensation, which I’m sure there is a lot of that going on.

Anyways, was interested to see if anyone experienced the same thing starting out. Thanks in advance!

Keep up the great work everyone!!


This is exactly why I’ve started Huel-to break the mental addiction to food as we know it.
Currently starting on the flavored drinks and meals, but hope to advance into the unflavored and unsweetened options to break the association between food and pleasure altogether.

Wondering how things progressed with you, did the mental game lessen with time, or did it win?

Funny I just posted a similar question. I was great for the first bag and now I’m getting this feeling like I need to eat. I’m adding more than 2 scoops and doing it with milk and extra protein powder. My mouth as weird as this sounds feels like it needs food as well as my stomach

I just replied to your post (click here) if you’d like to continue to chat through on that thread!