Meal Plan Sample

Hi fellow Huelers,

Does anybody have a good meal plan to share to loose weight??

I’m stuck!

I’m down 74 lbs over the past 10 months, here’s what a normal day (M-F) for me looks like:

Intermittent Fast 16/8 with first meal at 12PM:

12PM: half serving of Huel Black (200 calories)

130PM: 2 Cups of mixed berries/grapes (approx 170 calories)

230PM: full serving of Huel Black (400 calories)

5PM: snack (about 150-200 calories)

7PM: Dinner w/greens as a base (500 calories max, most nights)

745PM: snack (200 calories max)

Note: I’m vegan, average 15k steps a day and work out a few days a week but not consistently. I try not to exceed 1600 calories a day and my Max is 1800.

The weekends are always tricky but I try not to exceed 1800-2000 calories while still getting 10k steps a day, at a minimum.

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Thanks for sharing

How much water do you consume? How is the heel black?

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Huel Black is great…

I drink are least 1 gallon per day.

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HI David,

thanks for your help!

im a vegan to.

im starting today with the meal plan.

i got the idea.


Happy to help! Let us know how it goes.

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How’s it going? Any updates?