Maybe a suggestion for a formula in the future?

I like Huel just how it is but wanted to ask if sometime in the future Huel could experiment with another formula involving Hemp protein instead of brown rice. While I like Huel, brown rice protein is strong for me. I don’t hate it per se but I don’t “love” the flavor of brown rice in particular. Even when I’ve ate normal bowls of brown rice, it tastes off to me, even with just plain brown rice protein powder.

Hemp has a great nutritional profile :yum:

The only drawback I could see is that it has been banned in some countries out of poor misunderstanding of what Hemp is so I understand why companies wouldn’t use it.

Just a suggestion because I find the taste rather mild. It would be nice to have a 400 calorie smoothie meal that had all the same nutritional makeup but with hemp instead.

My assumption is that hemp protein has a much higher cost of production (labor, materials, manufacturing, etc.) than brown rice protein. If my assumption is accurate, this would in essence go against the core fundamental of Huel’s mission of providing nutritionally complete meals at an affordable price.


Ah I didn’t know that hemp wasn’t cheap, hemp kind of grows anywhere because it’s rather hardy so I thought it would be cheaper. Never knew that.

I’m just going to reply to your second post @Grimscribe so others can see my reply.

Thanks for the suggestion, we have looked into this but getting the taste and texture right is the tricky

Hemp maybe superior on its own but as brown rice is paired with pea protein that gives Huel a PDCAAS of 1.0 as the two complement one another. You can find out more here.


Thanks! I didn’t know all that.

People in the military have popped positive on urinalysis from eating hemp infused products.

That’s actually impossible because you can’t get high from hemp SEEDS. If you search on Google “anyone not passing a drug test because of hemp” there is NOTHING. All authorities will tell you no, even health authorities.

People have, however, failed drug tests because of CBD oil, processed differently than hemp seeds and may have the amount of THC that will fail you. It’s far more likely that some people in the military took drugs (or took CBD oil and coincidentally ate the yogurt) and then just blamed it on hemp. They can lose their jobs but many people do decide to do drugs anyways. Hemp having the amount of THC to make you high or fail a drug test is a common myth, there’s no way to not pass a drug screen (I’ve taken plenty of drug tests for jobs by the way) but it is funny how they blamed it on Chobani :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Just a word to the unintentionally ignorant. Don’t EVER trust ANYTHING coming from Fox [is not reliable] News. I won’t say anymore here, although I have plenty I could.

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