Matcha Flavor Boosts?

I’m an American in the UK and I’ve been having Huel with Matcha flavor boost. It’s not available in the US shop, so I’ll have to find an alternative when I return to America. Are there plans to add Matcha to the US shop?

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We’re working on boosting our Flavor Boost US range - we’ll update on which flavors.


Thanks James, that’s good to know. I hope the US gets matcha soon. I’ve tried all the UK flavors and matcha seems to work best. Huel has a pretty thick consistency, but adding matcha balances it out and makes it easy to drink.

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FYI, and disclamer: for those sensitive to caffeine:

Although brewed green tea has l about a 60% less caffeine than its brewed black tea counterparts, the ground up macha green tea powders contain significant levels of caffeine. It’s quite potent.

I added a macha powder to one of my Huel drinks one afternoon. The recommendation was one teaspoon. I did about a third of a teaspoon. I was wired, buzzed, and paranoid all day.

Take away message is that Macha powder should be viewed differently than brewed green tea.