Matcha Green Tea + Huel = Lvl. 9000 Shake

Suh Dudes,

Just found my replacement for hot coffee in my Huel shakes.

Matcha Green Tea powder bruh.


-3 scoops unflavored Huel

-3 Tsp Matcha Green Tea Powder (Trader Joes Brand is what Im rocking)

-Some water? not sure how much I used but this is my 28oz. shaker

-Vigorous shaking & possibly some Slayer to fill the air (depending if you have already punched out of work or not)

Hope yall dig it!

p.s. anyone else like the clumps of powder in the shake? its like a subtle reminder that a blender is always more efficient and that Skynet will soon take over everything.!


Public Service Announcement:

For those who are caffeine sensitive (me), be warned that there is significantly more caffeine in powdered pure matcha green tea verses a brewed green tea. You’ve been warned.

I think I saw the 5th dimension that day.

Slayer, huh? I’m not a fan of their work. But I was just listening to some old Kreator the other day. Good stuff.


ooohwee, thats nice. I didnt know matcha powder was high in caffeine. I’m coming from 6-9 cups of the day :disappointed_relieved:

Kreator, Megadeth, shoot even Bowie if ya can get jiggy to it! haha.


I like matcha but not the super sweet stuff so I got the pure stuff. Not a latte mix.
Here is the link to what I got.
I use vanilla Huel so it already has sweetness. Plus, I don’t want to add calories or other things that may mess with the nutritional aspect of the Huel.

A few days ago I tried with just 1/2 tsp and it did very little.
Today I did a full teaspoon and I’m buzzing… Woo! :star_struck:
I am pretty sensitive to caffeine and so I may be feeling it much more than the average person.

I can’t do regular coffee because it messes with my stomach but decaf is fine. But tea is no issue… go figure… So the matcha powder is a great way to get the caffeine if I need it. I will do this only if I’m dragging that day…

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I can confirm. This is the best. Don’t get ceremonial grade matcha, like I did. Way more expensive and I noticed no difference. Get the cheap stuff.


I’m curious…
How much sugar and other stuff does the cheap stuff add?
Flavor may be great but worried about adding stuff I’m trying to stay away from…

You can get cheap premium culinary grade matcha with no added ingredients. Just the tea.

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I’ve got to find that one. I think the bag i bought was like $17 but it’s going to last me a loooooong time…